About The Sincura Group and contact us
The Sincura Group started as a secret organisation opening buildings and acquiring access to the inaccessible. Having been unhappy members of other concierges in the past, the company grew to offer a full range of services worldwide, based on three simple values we felt were missing from the concierge industry.

Value for money – we offer the best value for money service on the market; from tickets to travel, fashion to frolics we are here to offer you that VIP lifestyle at an affordable price.

Contacts and delivery
– quite simply we are the best connected network in London and indeed worldwide and our experienced and highly skilled team are hired for their connections and the doors they open.

Old fashioned values and knowing our clients – we have met every member and every affiliate we work with and can tailor services for our members' needs.

A small selection of clients represented by The Sincura Group can be seen below:

You can contact us via the following methods: 

For our 24 hour concierge team please contact the dedicated line provided on your membership card.

You can call us on 0844 854 9220