Film Club

For those of you who love Film 

The Sincura Group committed to giving you the best access to news and tickets from the red carpet.

The Sincura Film Club


Sincura is proud to invite you to join and enjoy the new film club. This is going to be a hub for all things to do with the red carpet, whether it be the latest news from the red carpet or the best access and tickets to film premieres.


The latest red carpet news

Each month each member of the film club will receive a newsletter which will feature all the news off the red carpet from that month. featuring the top films, the best reviews and celebrity interviews.


The hottest film tickets

You will have access to all tickets which are related to the film industry. Whether it be the latest film premieres or the best award shows including the Oscars and BAFTAs or the best film festivals including Cannes. 


Tours of top movie sets

Working with Brit Movie Tours, we are able to give our members access to some the the best movie tours around the country. Whether it be seeing the Harry Potter studios or touring Highclere castle, there is something for everyone


Access to London Film Festival

With your membership to the film club, you will receive a complimentary pair of tickets to the BFI London Film Festival. The LFF showcases a rich and diverse programme of films from both established and upcoming talent over a 12 day celebration of cinema.