Luxurious Villas

If exclusive resorts are your idea of travel bliss


Welcome to Sincura Travel, we hold partnerships with the world’s most luxurious and exclusive private villas, chateaus and apartments around the world. With access to over 5,000 privately owned properties from the Great Barrier Reef of Australia to the Amalfi Coast in Italy we can offer something truly special.


These destinations are not advertised on the general market; it is only through our unique relationships can we grant you access. A small selection of destinations can be seen below






.Take in the French culture with a glass or two in Bordeaux, enjoy the fantastic eateries in what is said to be the capital of classic French cooking, Lyon, or soak up that beautiful Riviera sun in comfort and style. Our exclusive selection of ultra-luxury villas is simply superb and represents some of the best real estate available in France.




We are delighted to offer several villas in the Great Barrier Reef, one of the largest natural wonders of the world, and Tasmania, Australia’s most picturesque and adventurous island off the mainland.




Thailand’s beauty is hard to beat: miles of white beaches and warm waters and a cultural heritage revealed through grand temples, Buddhist monasteries and vibrant festivals.  The stunning western Andaman Sea coast is popular for its beachside resorts of Phuket, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta, while on the eastern coast the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan are fringed by the warm, shallow waters of the Gulf of Thailand.




Morocco is one of Africa’s most exciting, accessible and exotic destinations. A world of bustling souks, gorgeous beaches, spectacular mountain ranges and the eternal sands of the Sahara – all just a short hop from Europe across the Strait of Gibraltar. In the imperial Red City of Marrakesh, enjoy the ancient stone streets and lively markets, which dance of the Adhan, the Islamic call to prayer. These handpicked luxury villas in Morocco are just the ticket for an exotic African adventure.




Greece is known for its vast expanses of islands dotted around the Mediterranean Sea, now it’s time for you to explore some of these islands and spend some time visiting the real Greece!.




Surrender yourself to Bali’s beauty and revel at its sublime blend of spirituality and serene luxury. Here towering volcanoes revered as the domains of Hindu deities give way to emerald-green rice paddies that spread out towards the warm inviting waters of the Indian Ocean.





Italy is synonymous with style and sophistication and our exclusive collection of luxury villas are in keeping with the country’s sheer indulgence. During a stay at any one of these villas it will be so easy to soak up la dolce vita while sipping on espresso and the spirit of Sophia Loren.


South Africa


Based in either Cape Town, around Table Mountain with spectacular views over the South Atlantic and Southern Ocean, or the wine valleys of Franschhoeck where you can take in the rolling valleys, these South African retreats are not to be missed.