Lapland uk: VIP Tickets and hospitality

Windsor November and December 2017; VIP Tickets and Hospitality

Sincura are delighted to be chosen as the official partner of LaplandUK for the VIP gala days. Taking place on the Windsor Estate with a team of critically acclaimed stage managers, set designers, production assistants, and actors, LaplandUK offers a truly unique and enchanting experience, one that children will never forget. And these VIP nights push the experience to new levels for a truly eye-opening Christmas experience with this award winning venue.

What is included in the VIP experience

Aimed at those guests who want their experience to stand out from the crowd, our exclusive VIP package includes:

1. Limited edition Lapland story book (1 copy per family group), ‘Lapland, The Untold Story of Father Christmas” to arrive with invitation in post prior to the event. This will introduce you and your family to the many wonderful characters you will meet at Lapland.

2. welcome reception of champagne, mulled wine, childrens’ cocktails, minced pies and Pixie Mixie confectionery on arrival.

3. photographs throughout your experience from your own elf paparazzi who will accompany your group. These photographs are available for you download after the event.

4. A bag of Lapland Jingles (the official currency of Lapland) to spend during your stay at Lapland

5. Extended meeting with Santa with personalised gifts available for the family

As well as this you will have your own concierge who will phone you 24 hours after purchasing tickets to go through experience and understand your family. We will fill in your Santa forms for you and truly personalise your experience from arranging your dinners to your travel plans to special requirements, gifts and surprises for your family. We will also have a concierge desk at Lapland during the VIP days to manage all of your ad-hoc requirements.



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