The Resident

Consummate support with all family educational, personal, social, home management and relocation needs


Comprised of fully qualified educational, home-management, logistics, administrative, financial and legal experts as well as a team of personable friendly managers. Our dedicated team is at your service to ensure all your family affairs are handled with the utmost consideration.



For over 10 years we have been delivering the highest calibre of specialist assessments, independent education consultancy and supplementary  education management. We are extremely privileged to work in close association with leading European independent schools, as well as foremost international universities.

carefully considered advice
Carefully Considered Advice

Our range of advisory and management services includes: Independent schools, university, private tuition management, specialist mentor management and selected recommendations for affiliated services.

specialist assessments
Specialist Assessments

Our Academic Assessors are all EDEXCEL trained. Our SEN Assessors are not only members of their respective industry bodies but also actively advise the British Dyslexia Association and are regularly published in their specialist areas.

tuition management
Tuiton Management

We pride ourselves on our unique education management offering, which encompasses all aspects of their education, be it formal schooling, private tuition, mentoring and special educational needs support.


We understand that your social life is of the utmost importance and our team is on hand to ensure that your social calendar is up to date and expertly maintained.

Manage your diary
Manage Your Diary

Our diary of events, and VIP invitations ensure you never miss a hot event in your area; from the latest venue and product launches to summer parties.

Expanding your network
Expand Your Network

We host regular Sincura soirées where you can meet other members, invited guests and expand your network.

Event Management
Event Management

Our event management team is expertly placed to organise any special occasions whether it be family days out or that perfect surprise birthday party.

Private & Personal

Our team exercise their professionalism and empathy at all times. Members and their families can make use of our unique relationships with carefully vetted partners which include:

Health Care

All manner of health care services including private health and all medical services.


Ensuring all your childcare needs are looked after.

Financial Services

Private family financial services, wealth management and planning.

Personal Assistance

Personal assistants for all duties and to help manage your affairs.

Legal Services

Extensive experience and knowledge across a broad range of private legal services.

Our Private & Personal Team are here to resolve and advise on all sensitive and distressing issues our members might encounter. Ensuring the best provisions are made for you and your family.