Sincura Arts is a niche operator in the curation, management, sale and exhibition of rare and exclusive artwork FROM RARE CLASSICS TO MODERN STREET ART.

Headed up by Christopher Wilson, the Sincura Arts team is regarding as the world's leading expert of Banksy Artworks. Since 2010 we have been involved with 70% of all Banksy pieces appearing on the streets, from an advisory role with building owners and councils, to media and press engagements, to managing the safe removal and restoration of artwork and including the final sales and exhibitions. Though often controversial, we ensure our work is both ethically and morally sound and our sales of these pieces have both benefited local charities and ensured the longevity of the artwork.

Banksy to be revealed Painting, Paintbrush in hand in new book Stealing Banksy

banksy's identity to be revealed in new publication

'Stealing banksy?' 


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For years the true identity of world-renowned street artist Banksy has been in question. Many theories have been put forwards, no conclusive evidence has ever been forthcoming. That is until now.

A limited edition book is now available for pre-order which shows the artist, with paintbrush in hand, busy at work painting one of his most famous murals.

The book is a follow up to the 2014 project by Sincura arts entitled stealing Banksy? Which explored the social, legal and moral issues surrounding the sale of street art. It culminated in an exhibition and sale showcasing the most expensive collection of Banksy street art ever assembled under one roof. Or so we thought as this cloak and dagger exhibition was actually a stunt to secure interest in the world’s first street art museum.

This book reveals the untold story of the exhibition and the pieces that were showcased. It gives a first ever glimpse into the warehouses and processes used to restore these extraordinary artworks back to their former glory. It gives an insight into the future of the notorious workings.

The book finally reveals 2 pictures of Banksy, with brush in hand, painting his now famous artworks. There has never before been conclusive photographic evidence of the illusive street artist painting one of his many pieces.


Banksy Boy with heart

Boy With Heart

Location: Clerkenwell, London
Painted: 2006, Salvaged: 2009

Bansky’s Boy with Heart was painted in the early half of 2006 during a night time session with Brooklyn’s FAILE collective. It is one of several versions of the Boy, the most well known being the What? Boy originally on Tottenham Ct Rd. However this is the only Boy with Heart. Situated at 312 Goswell Road, the building was due to be taken down for redevelopment. Working closely with the building owner, the Boy with Heart was professionally removed from its original location in early 2009.

It has been featured in several local news publications as well as the “Banksy – Locations and Tours” book. In 2009 it was featured at the “Please Love Me” Banksy retrospective at The Flower Cellars in London’s Covent Garden. The piece, which has full providence, measures approximately 300 x 1060 x 2200mm, plus lifting rings and weighs 1.8 tons.

Banksy Silent Majority

Silent Majority

Location: Glastonbury
Painted: 1998, Salvaged: 2013

One of his earliest pieces, Silent majority was painted onto the outside of an 'Overlander' semi-trailer. A friend of the owners, Banksy asked for permission on at least four occasions to use the vehicle as a canvas. Painted at Glastonbury festival in 1998 and the first use of this medium, this work took three days to complete and measures 2.4 metres by 9.95 metres.

Quite different from his urban works which are often created at night, the piece was created very much in the midst of a festival and can be viewed as examples of performance art by the artist. The piece is painted on to plywood which forms an insulated wall with a similar sheet of ply. This early, unknown example of work by Banksy is a unique study from his remarkable career and will not often come to auction.

In contrary to other street art, the piece has been authenticated by Pest Control. Photographs of the semi-trailer at various festivals can be found on pages 21 and 73 of the book "Banksy's Bristol, HOME SWEET HOME The unofficial guide", by Steve Wright. Published 2007 by Tangent Books of Bristol.

Banksy OldSkool

Old Skool

Location: Clerkenwell, London
Painted: 2006, Salvaged: 2008.

OldSkool had become something of a landmark since it appeared on an east London garage wall in 2006. Featuring four pensioners dressed in hoodies and baseball caps it disappeared in 2008 and was replaced by a black dotted line marking where its edges had been and the word "collected" painted inside.

Various conspiracy theories circulating on the world; that the mural had been stolen, removed by Banksy himself as a publicity stunt, or accidentally painted over by council workers. None of the above was true as the piece was "peeled" from the wall of Clerkenwell Motorcycles on Clerkenwell Road, restored, and subsequently hidden in a private collection for 5 years.

Having spent over 6 months searching for the piece, and after careful negotiations, we are delighted to announce that OldSkool will be unveiled for the first time for half a decade to feature in the STEALING BANKSY? show

Banksy Love PLane

Love Plane

Location: Liverpool
Painted: 2011, Salvaged: 2016.

The 15-feet tall spray painting of a monochrome biplane with a heart-shaped smoke trail, dubbed the ‘Love Plane’ by Twitter users, can be seen on the side of Norwich House next to Rumford Street car park, opposite the Liverpool War Museum.

The piece depicts an intricately stencilled black-and-white biplane with a white smoke trail in a heart shape. With the building being redeveloped, the piece was salvaged, restored, and will be put into the new Liverpool Street Art Museum.

banksy Liverpool Rat

Liverpool Rat

Location: Liverpool
Painted: 2006, Salvaged: 2013.

Britain's biggest creation by renowned graffiti artist Banksy adorned The White Horse pub, on the edge of the city's China Town on Berry Street. Bristol-born Banksy daubed the huge rat wielding a machine gun on the Georgian building as part of the city's Biennial art programme in 2004.

The giant rat has been eroding for years, with large parts having peeled off with the plaster or vanished on rotted wood. The bottom half has been covered up by the Culture Company with hoardings because the building has fallen into disrepair.

With growing fears over the feasibility of any kind of preservation, in May 2013 the work was removed to be restored and pieced back together. This is the largest and most expensive Banksy restoration process to date, with 6 months of painstaking work scheduled to bring the giant 34 foot rat back to its former glory.

Despite numerous consultations with building experts, it has become evident that once restored, placing the piece back on The White Horse pub is an impossible task. The building no longer has the integrity itself to support the weight of the piece, let alone the installation process.
With spiralling restoration costs the decision has been made to sell this iconic piece with a charitable donation from its sale being given to the Liverpool community. We are delighted to showcase the piece, in its fully restored state at our upcoming show. 

Banksy Girl with Balloon

Girl with The Balloon

Location: London
Painted: 2004, Salvaged: 2014.

As the rat is his signature stencil, the Girl with the Red Balloon is the most popular piece from this renowned street artist and depicts an innocent girl reaching for a red heart-shaped balloon that is just beyond her grasp.

Banksy chose two locations for this famous creation - one on the stairwell of the South Bank and the other on Great Eastern Street on the borders of Liverpool Street Station.

However, almost a decade ago, the later was covered with advertising billboards and doomed to fate of unceremonious decay and erosion.

Thousands of Londoners walk past the piece each day on their morning commute to work completely oblivious of its existence as it fades from the public knowledge.

That is until The Sincura Group where commission to salvage and restore the piece to feature in the STEALING BANKSY? show. 


Banksy Sperm Alarm

Sperm Alarm

Location: London
Painted: 2011, Salvaged: 2011

Contrary to the other pieces on show, Sperm Alarm which shows 15 sperm swarming round a red sprinkler alarmand was painted on the wall of four-star Hesperia Hotel in Victoria in 2011, was stolen.

Leon Lawrence put the artwork up for auction after it was ripped illegally from the hotel wall. He was traced after staff at the four-star Hhotel noticed the piece was missing and spotted it for sale online.

Southwark Crown Court heard Lawrence admitted stealing a sculpture from a gallery in Brick Lane, east London, and was given a community order in July 2011. He was convicted unanimously by a jury of attempting to convert criminal property but cleared of a single count of handling stolen goods.

The story doesn't end there as the piece then disappeared from public view, while legal owners were found and due-diligence on the piece carried out. Having uneartherd the piece, Sperm Alarm will once again be shown to the public with a view to sell, this time in a legal manner.


Banksy berlin Door

berlin Door

Location: Glastonbury
Painted: 2003, Salvaged: 2009

Banksy’s ‘2 Rats’ was created in Berlin on the corner of Kopernicker and Adalbert Strabe when Banksy participated in a local art festival in 2003.

Painted on a metal door the work measures 200cm high x 76 cm wide x 30cm deep (with handles) and was purchased from a mechanic shop before the owner renewed the shop façade.

This piece is very unique as the door also features works by world renowned street artists Faile and The London Police.

Amongst many tags and stickers, Brooklyn street art collective Faile created the character on the door called ‘Bunny Boy’ which is one of their most iconic images.

The London Police (TLP) also created the character on the door called ‘Lad’ which is their most iconic image.

Banksy Never Liked The Beatles

Never Liked The Beatles

Location: Liverpool
Painted: 2011, Salvaged: 2011

One of a group of Banksy stencils that coincided with Liverpool Biennial 2004. This only stayed up a couple of days before it was removed. The building it was attached to - a Liverpool Community College catering school - has since been demolished.


Banksy Slave Labour

Slave Labour

Location: Wood Green, London
Painted: 2012, Salvaged: 2013

Slave Labour was painted on the side wall of a Poundland store in Wood Green, London in May 2012. The artwork depicts an urchin child at a sewing machine assembling a bunting of Union Jack patches. The work was a protest against the use of sweatshops to manufacture Diamond Jubilee and London Olympics memorabilia in 2012.

In February 2013 the mural was removed from its location and put up for sale at Fine art Auctions in Miami, US. After an appeal from the residents of Wood Green the mural was withdrawn from sale in the US and disappeared from the public domain. After months of extensive searched, and despite a private sale being agreed in the US, The Sincura Group negotiated it's return to the UK for sale through our network in which a big of over £1.1 million was received (the highest ever registered bid for a Banksy artwork).

Banksy No Ball Games


Location: Tottenham
Painted: 2009, Salvaged: 2013

Spray paint on plywood and measuring 90” in length and 48” wide, the piece shows a security guard with a moustache with the slogan reading ‘he graffiti artwork ‘No Ball Games’ by the British street artist Banksy was created in September 2009 in Tottenham Green, N15. One of his most famous pieces to date and featuring prominently on Banksy’s website, ‘No Ball Games’ depicts two children playing catch with a vandalised no ball games sign.

A number of attempts have been made over the past to deface the piece, most famously in 2012 by King Robbo who holds a rivalry with the elusive artist. With extensive building works taking place in the local vicinity, and further concerns upon its safety, the piece has been removed to be sensitively restored to its former glory. ‘No Ball Games’ has been gifted to a local charity with all sale profits being fed back into the community from where it originated.

Banksy secured


Location: Liverpool
Painted: 2003, Salvaged: 2004.

Street artist Banksy has never been shy of making a political statement and in 2003 he created ‘Secured’. Spray paint on plywood and measuring 90" in length and 48" wide, the piece shows a security guard with a moustache with the slogan reading 'Secured by sleepy migrant workers on minimum wage'. Is it a coincidence that this design appeared around the time of the Olympic security fiasco?

During the Liverpool Biennial 2004 this piece of reclaimed plywood was set for landfill after the destruction of a derelict building during the regeneration of the city prior to its three year development plan leading to the Capital of Culture award. After it was salvaged from a heap of scrap wood in a skip the piece spent its early life as back board for a D.I.Y shelving before being shown to the world at STEALING BANKSY?

Never liked This Banksy

Never Liked This

Location: London
Painted: 2011, Salvaged: 2016

Appearing alongside Love Plane on the side of Norwich House next to Rumford Street car park, opposite the Liverpool War Museum, ‘Never Liked This Banksy’ is a small, charming piece inclusive of one of the iconic Banksy rats holding a paintbrush along with the artists own hand writing ‘Never Liked This Banksy’ which appeared after the Love plane was painted. Though it has not been authenticated as a genuine Bansky, it is still an important part of the story of the Love Plane piece

Banksy Live Rat

Live Rat

Location: Liverpool
Painted: 2011, Salvaged: 20016

This Banksy piece features a traditonally iconic Banksy rat underneith the words LIVE. This work formed part of the artist’s contribution toward Liverpool’s 2004 Biennial and is featured as a full page image in Banksy’s self published book, ‘Cut It Out’

Banksy Gangsta Rat

Gangsta Rat

Location: Wood Green, London
Painted: 2011, Salvaged: 2016

Gangsta Rat, Banksy’s slant on the 1990’s Gangster Rap movement from the US is a two colour rat stencil featuring a rat with a boombox, gold chain and a NY Yankees baseball cap. This piece popped up overnight at the goods entrance of an Argos in Liverpool and was reclaimed by Sincura Arts in 2016. To preserve the urban nature of the work, the intercom was also taken along with the piece.


sincura arts team restoration, salvage, exhibition and sale of banksy artwork


Our World Leading Team

The Sincura Arts Team is made up of the world’s leading experts and partners. These include:


Sourcing: A specialist team to source the most exclusive artworks for clients.
Salvaging: Our salvage team use specialist diamond cutting equipment to safely remove pieces.
Restoration: Working in secret laboratory locations and using the most advanced techniques our restorers bring street art pieces back to their original glory.
Curation: Our curators advise on presentation and events plus authenticate and document artworks.
Media: Our media team ensure maximum exposure through their constant engagements with press and experts.
Exhibitions: Every two years we produce an art exhibition..
Sales: We have an exclusive set of buyers who are currently active in the market for Banksy acquisitions.


Stealing Banksy show 2014




StealingBanksy? ( Our 2014 project explored the social, legal and moral issues surrounding the sale of street art. Over 14,000 guests in attendance over 5 days it represented the most expensive collection of street art ever assembled under one roof. Our members, celebrities and VIP clients are invited to the special launch nights of the exhibitions before it opens to the public. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE BROCHURE.


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London Art Walks: Sincura Arts are currently working with an Italian film production company to tell the story of Banksy’s walls in a feature documentary
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