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The Sincura Group is made up of 5 companies in the UK: Sincura Concierge Ltd (Company Number 09024258), Sincura Lifestyle Ltd (Company Number 11111866), Sincura Tickets Ltd (Company Number 09052252), Sincura Arts Ltd (Company Number 09864949), Sincura Holdings (12242841).

Internationally The Sincura Group includes Sincura Australia, Sincura Russia, Sincura Ukraine


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Sincura employ over 50 experienced staff globally to offer a 24/7 service to our many members.


Our personable and highly skilled team are hand-picked industry experts in their respective fields and are available around the clock to handle all your requests.

Our Senior staff can be seen below

Tony Baxter at Sincura Director

Tony Baxter


D: 0203 148 2660
E: tony@thesincuragroup.com

Since setting up the company, Tony has installed a strong emphasis on Sincura being the most technically advanced concierge on the market. His background is in the city where he developed trading and behaviour systems including Bank of England's Fastwire - the world's fastest financial message hub. Setting up his software consultancy at the age of 22 he won contracts with banks including Nomura, Credit Suisse, and UBS.

Tony is a keen sportsman, having represented England University at rugby and spent a season playing in South Africa. He has been swimming since the age of 8 and recently swam the English Channel.

As the son of a diplomat, Tony has travelled extensively and through his connections, sports and professional life he has developed a black book to die for. In 2011 Tony was voted one of the 100 most influential Londoners.

Tara Leers at The Sincura Group

Tara Leers


D: 0203 148 2661
E: tara@thesincuragroup.com

Tara has 20 years’ experience in the luxury industries from interior design to Lifestyle management and has looked after some of the world’s most esteemed private and corporate clients. These range from company CEO's to Royals, both in the UK and internationally.

She was brought in to The Sincura Group in 2010 to head up the concierge services and her results were immediate with Sincura being voted London’s Concierge Company of the year within 12 months. Her attention to detail is key in ensuring the Group maintains its luxury essence and has expertise in strategy development; business build; and people and commercial leadership.

Jamie Green at The Sincura group

Jamie Green


D: 0203 148 2655
E: jamie@thesincuragroup.com

Jamie has over 21 years’ years of experience working with some of the most exciting brands in the world including Three, Adidas, Nestle and Sky, where he managed and delivered large scale strategic solutions within marketing, brand experience and events. It took Sincura 4 years of persuasion, but we finally snagged our man in 2019 as he joined Sincura as our Brand Manager.

2020 is an exciting year for Jamie as he oversees the continued success and growth of the Sincura Group, both in the UK and across the globe. With Sincura Russia going live at the turn of the year he turns his attention to our offices in USA and Ireland and overseas new private and corporate members.

Neil Barton at The Sincura group

Neil Barton


D: 0203 148 2663
E: neil@thesincuragroup.com

Joining us from the senior management team of Quintessentially, Neil's 2020 appointment proved a huge coup for Sincura. Neil learnt his trade at the internationally recognised brand, Harrods where he spent 6 years managing key private and corporate clients, as well as representing the business at high profile events.

Since then Neil has represented numerous prestigious brands including Haas and Williams F1 teams, Credit Suisse, Qatar Embassy, Google and Michelin. We are delighted to have his skill and experience available for our esteemed members.

Neil's extensive experience working with large organisations means he is best placed to provide an insight into how concierge services can add value to any business.

michael zelenin at the Sincura group

Michael Zelenin


D: 0203 148 2655
E: michael@thesincuragroup.com

After finishing his Masters Degree, Michael learnt the luxury sector as a Project Manager with international research company the Ukrainian Marketing Group, based in Kiev. He was quickly spotted by Quintessentially Ukraine and after working for three years as an account manager was promoted to Head of Client of Services in their Melbourne, Australia office where he spent a further 3 years.

In early 2017 Michael came to Sincura's attention as we looked to expand in both Ukraine and APAC, and his name repeatedly came up. We convinced him to join Sincura in May the same year to set up both offices, and now operates as our Global COO, ensuring that the same standards are maintained through all our international offices.

Denis Alekseev at The Sincura group russia

Denis Alekseev


D: 0203 148 2655
E: denis@thesincuragroup.com

Beginning his career with American Express Russia, Denis developed his skills through working in the offices of the biggest corporations including Unilever, PepsiCo, IBM. In 2005 when AMEX launched Centurion and Platinum cards, he was assigned with building and running the Membership Travel Services (concierge) throughout the country.

After 16 successful years with AmEx Denis was headhunted to become the Head of VIP Lifestyle Projects with the biggest Russian Bank - SberBank. With the 2020 launch of Sincura Russia, we could think of no-one better to spearhead our operations in our newest territory.

christine pepper at the Sincura group



D: 0203 148 2662
E: christine@thesincuragroup.com

Not only is Chrissie the longest serving Sincura staff member, she is also the most important to our company. In fact the reason we win so many accolades as the best concierge on the market is largely down to her.

She oversees everything, every client request passes her eyes, every ticket sent or booking made is checked by her, every contract, every invoice, and every action. Though you may not know Chrissie, she definitely knows you. She manages the membership team to ensure you are all registered correctly, and runs reports every morning and evening to check that you are happy and being represented properly.

Previously heading up HR team from blue-chip multinational companies, she is a great asset to Sincura and ensures that our staff, clients, and partners have the best experience from our award winning company.

charlotte regan head of travel at the Sincura group

Charlotte Bernhardsson-Regan


D: 0203 148 2665
E: charlotte@thesincuragroup.com

Hailing from the coldest depths of Sweden – travel (and in particular sunshine) has always had a huge pull for Charlotte. And she excels at it - heading up the Sincura Travel team to secure the best travel deals and unique experiences for our clients.

Charlotte ensures that every travel partner, from hotels and villas to chauffeurs and jets, meet the high demands of our members. With thousands of relationships from her many years at Sincura she can ensure that your travel needs are managed flawlessly and our high level of service are brought with you wherever you are around the globe.

Oliver McGowan-Scanlon concierge team leader at the Sincura group

Oliver McGowan-Scanlon


D: 0203 148 2666
E: ollie@thesincuragroup.com

Ollie joined Sincura after graduating from University studying Event Management. Joining the Concierge team, he combines his experience from his degree, plus working at the exclusive Wimbledon Championships, to support our members.

You are in safe hands with Ollie. Now a senior concierge, he has proved to be one of our most popular concierge's with clients and in 2021 Ollie started his management programme to lead a team.

lincoln hall food and beverage manager at the Sincura group



D: 0203 148 2655
E: lincoln@thesincuragroup.com

Lincoln's career started under the guidance of Alan Yau OBE – as part of his inner team – launching and managing the revolutionary Japanese noodle bar Wagamama. From there he helped launch Michelin star rated Hakkasan and went on to be the Head Maitre’D for almost 4 years,

Since then Lincoln helped open and manage some of London’s most prestigious bars, restaurants and clubs including Nobu, Taman Gang, Salt, Aura, Pangea Marbella, Movida and Zuma. Following Zuma he was head Maitre’D at Novikov and Street XO. 

Working with Sincura for over 7 years to ensure we are regarded as the leading gastronomic concierge, Lincoln currently splits his time between Sincura and as part of Gordan's Ramsey's inner circle at Lucky Cat.

matt powell at the Sincura group



D: 0203 148 2664
E: matt@thesincuragroup.com

Matt joined Sincura after completing his business diploma at one of the country's leading colleges. He initially learnt his trade as a lifestyle manager on one of our largest corporate accounts and soon became one of our best rated concierges by members.

With a particular love for film and sporting events, Matt has now become a team leader with Sincura Tickets. If you are lucky enough to have him as your account manager then Matt is here to ensure you receive the best access, from red carpet tickets to exclusive tickets to sold out events.

This year is an exciting one for Matt as he has just been promoted to senior management and training up new additions to the tickets team. Matt also manages our ticket relationships with suppliers and venues around the world.

max mcclean at the Sincura group



D: 0203 148 2667
E: max@thesincuragroup.com

Each senior concierge are supported by a team of researchers and account executives who complete three years of training from their mentor before managing their own clients. Having come through this programme himself with flying colours, Max now manages our demanding training programme and helps guide new recruits to reach their full potential as a concierge and lifestyle manager.

As our most successful trainee to date, Max now finds himself working within the prestigious premium team, managed by our concierge director, Tara. Despite his young age, Max knows the luxury sector inside out with knowledge beyond his years. Max also manages various projects within Sincura Arts.

callum van engel food and beverage manager at the Sincura group



D: 0203 148 2669
E: callum@thesincuragroup.com

Callum joined Sincura after completing his Business and Management degree and quickly rose through the ranks to head of development. Sadly most of the work he does you will never see, but it's instrumental in keeping the company running smoothly.

Developed over 6 years, our custom in-house CRM has grown into the advanced system on the market. And Callum manages it all, from our behavior management systems, to client reporting. 

As one of the most analytical members of staff, his work ensures we continue to raise the bar when it comes to client and request management, and your journey with us is second to none.

matas sincura film club at the Sincura group



D: 0203 148 2670
E: matas@thesincuragroup.com

Matas' passion for show-business started long time ago. At school he was elected president of his student union and oversaw a wide range of events from theatre productions to graduation ceremonies.

During his time at University, Matas created his own event company collaborating with local arists, venues and performers. The event came to the attention of Red Bull who stepped in to sponsor it.

Shortly afterwards Sincura heard about it and when we delved deeper we discovered it was run by a highly talented student. We immediately offered Matas a role with Sincura following his studies, and he joined us in 2021.

Matas joins the Film Club due to his natural interest to acting, movies, premieres, celebrities and luxury lifestyle. We believe that his skillset, experience and passion for people will bring this department to a next level.

dominique at the sincura group



D: 0203 148 2668
E: dominique@thesincuragroup.com

Ever wondered how our members are the first to hear about the latest venue launches, restaurant news, travel tips, film and tickets offers, and regional news from New York to Dublin? It's all down to Dominque who heads up our successful news team.

If it's happening then rest assured she knows about it. Along with her news team she is the engine room of the company and often the first voice you hear when you call Sincura.

With over 20 articles loaded each day through our App, Social Media, and Members' Platforms she is one of the busiest and hardest working in the office and we are delighted to have her.

Always one of the first int he office, Dominique ensures hundreds of thousands of you are never left in the dark when it comes to the hottest news and events.

prag at the Sincura group



D: 0203 148 2655
E: prag@thesincuragroup.com

We call Prag the "Silent Assassin" - and beyond his quiet and unassuming nature is a young man bristling with talent. With a degree in business information technology, and a father who was a Gurkha, it is no surprise that Prag is our hardest working, loyal and knowledgeable staff member. And he proved this when he learnt his trade through our credit card services - managing the largest number of requests each day and receiving the best client feedback.

With his eye for detail, understanding of our systems, and desire to please, Prag oversees your requests out of office hours. He ensures that all your questions are categorised, allocated, and that you receive the best client experience. And it works - as we continue to lead the market on feedback, quality of service and response times. In the same time that other concierge services would take to reply to your message we will have you sat in their restaurant enjoying their meal organised by us.

jabbar at the Sincura group



D: 0203 148 2662
E: jabbar@thesincuragroup.com

We love our website, and we hear you do too. People have said it's like watching a movie. There is a lot of hard work that goes into it behind the scenes, and that's where Jabbar comes in.

I dont think he will be too upset to be called a geek - in fact Jabbar revels in knowing he can do things that no-one else can.

Jabbar constantly talks to the concierge, news and tickets team to ensure the site in up to date. He also works with the membership team for helping new members join and ensuring your journey through our website is as smooth as possible.


The Sincura Group are delighted to work with, and respresent, leading brands around the world.

A selection of these brands can be seen below:


Supplied by The Sincura Group, Covent Garden Concierge manages the requirements of the tenants and the local business in one of the most vibrant and dynamic districts in London. The introduction of a concierge service is in line with the continuing transformation of Covent Garden into London’s world class district, a destination for food lovers and fashionistas alike, which has recently unveiled some of the finest residential properties in London.



In 2018 digit bank evolut introduced their metal card - a top tier membership offering premium services including a worldwide concierge. Managed and run by Sincura Partner Services, a dedicated team of over 20 concierges, split between our UK and Australian teams, offer 24/7 services to Metal card holders. Within 1 year it was voted the best banking concierge service on the market.



Bank of Singapore is a Singapore-based private banking arm of OCBC Bank. Formerly known as ING Asia Private Bank, it was acquired by OCBC in 2009 from ING Group for US$146 billion. With 1800 employees and 95 billion USD asset under management. In January 2012, The Sincura Group organised the UK launch of the bank




Repeatedly voted the best concierge in the world for both personal and business clients, our multi-award winning team do it better than anyone else, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in every corner of the world.

We are very proud of the Sincura Concierge service – we continue to lead the industry with our quality of replies and response times. All requests are managed by humans; 24/7 from our London and worldwide offices.

Other concierges boast that they will acknowledge your concierge request within 3 hours – well we don’t believe that’s good enough! On average it takes less than 2 minutes for you to receive an acknowledgement that your request has been received, viewed, loaded into our system and allocated to an expert to start working on. We close 30% of requests within 10 minutes, over 60% within 2 hours and 99% within 1 business day.

In the same time it takes other concierges to acknowledge your request for a restaurant reservation, with us you should be booked in, sitting down, and enjoying the dinner we have organised for you.

But don't take our word for it - read the feedback from clients.



You can learn more about our members, our partners, our technology, and our global footprint through our media pack below.

See more of our company brochures below.



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