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Sincura employ over 50 experienced staff globally to offer a 24/7 service to our many members.

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Our personable and highly skilled team are hand-picked industry experts in their respective fields and are available around the clock to handle all your requests.

Our Senior staff can be seen below

Tara Leers director at The Sincura Group Concierge

Tara Leers

Director - private concierge team

D: 0203 148 2661

Tara has over 20 years’ experience in the luxury industries from interior design to Lifestyle management and has looked after some of the world’s most esteemed private and corporate clients. These range from company CEO's to Royals, both in the UK and internationally.

She was brought in to The Sincura Group in 2010 as the head of the concierge services and her results were immediate with Sincura being voted London’s Concierge Company of the year within 12 months – shortly following by a further 5 awards garnished from across the globe to make us the most decorated concierge in the industry. She brings expertise in strategy development; business build; and people and commercial leadership.

Now heading up the UHNW division (Sincura platinum team), her attention to detail is key in ensuring Sincura maintains its luxury essence and stays true to our values. She makes sure she personally speaks to all new concierge members to introduce the company, understand your needs, and allocate the best manager to you.

Tony Baxter director at Sincura Group Concierge

Tony Baxter

Director - Business & Technology

D: 0203 148 2660

Since setting up the company, Tony has installed a strong emphasis on Sincura being the most technically advanced concierge on the market. His background is in the city where he developed trading and behaviour systems including Bank of England's Fastwire - the world's fastest financial message hub. Setting up his software consultancy at the age of 22, Tony subsequently worked with banks including Nomura, Credit Suisse, DRKW, Lehman Brothers and UBS on their strategic IT services.

Tony is a keen sportsman, from being a professionally contracted rugby player and gracing the turf at Twickenham to swimming the English Channel.

As the son of a diplomat, Tony has travelled extensively and through his connections, sports and professional life he has developed a large and varied contact list. In 2011 Tony was voted one of the 100 most influential Londoners and is the Top Recommended Concierge Adviser 2023 by Spears.

Tony heads up Sincura’s IT division as well as the business and corporate teams, offering our innovative service to companies around the world for their clients and members.

Michael Zelenin at The Sincura Group

Michael Zelenin

Global Manager - Corporate Team

D: 0203 148 2655

After finishing his Masters Degree, Michael learnt the luxury sector as a Project Manager with international research company the Ukrainian Marketing Group, based in Kiev. He was quickly spotted by Quintessentially Ukraine and after working for three years as an account manager was promoted to Head of Client of Services in their Melbourne, Australia office where he spent a further 3 years.

In early 2017 Michael came to Sincura's attention as we looked to expand globally with office launches in Ukraine and APAC, and his name repeatedly came up. We convinced him to join Sincura in May the same year to set up both offices, and now operates as our Global Brand Manager, ensuring that the same standards are maintained through all our international offices.

Michael is currently working on Sincura's expansion into the Americas and Asia.

Denis Alekseev at the Sincura Group Concierge

Denis Alekseev


D: 0203 148 2655

Beginning his career with American Express Russia, Denis developed his skills through working in the offices of the biggest corporations including Unilever, PepsiCo, IBM. In 2005 when AMEX launched Centurion and Platinum cards, he was assigned with building and running the Membership Travel Services (concierge) throughout the country.

After 16 successful years with AmEx Denis was headhunted to become the Head of VIP Lifestyle Projects with the biggest Russian Bank - SberBank. 202 Saw Denis join the Sincura team managing our global offices and partnership programmes.

Peter Hayes managing partner at The Sincura Group

Peter Hayes


D: 0203 148 2670

With a career focus on securing growth, Peter joined us at a time in Sincura’s expansion, both with our core activities, and with our technology.

Peter took his Management degree from UMIST into marketing and sales for well-known international brands ranging from Boots Company Ltd to Johnson and Johnson Inc, and then co-founded his own Covent Garden management consultancy.

That subsequently lead to Peter working with over 200 client companies, including the Information Commissioner’s Office and central government with a strong focus on GDPR and management.

Peter works across our services portfolio and in our leadership team, and manages compliance, data and research and development.

chris ley head of operations sincura



D: 0203 148 2669

Chris has spent his life working within the luxury sector with some of the most prestigious global brands - from world renowned hotels to private members clubs. He joins us from the elite members' team at Leander Rowing Club - the oldest Rowing Club in the world which has produced more Olympic rowers than any other.

Our focus at Sincura is on your personal journey with us, and there is no-one better than ensuring your experience is second to none than Chris. His team manages all aspects of your membership, and he personally calls members to introduce himself, the company, and understand what you are looking for and how we can tailor the service to you.

Chris oversees all requests in the company to ensure our high standards are met throughout, and works to develop our staff training programme and service levels to ensure we are working the way you expect us to - perfectly in all respects.

Max McLean at the Sincura Group Concierge



D: 0203 148 2667

Max is one of the shining stars of our training programme – spending his initial 3 years at Sincura in our training programme. His talents were identified early and he was mentored by our director, Tara. He now oversees the development of new staff helping them reach their full potential as premium concierge and lifestyle managers.

With 6 years of experience at Sincura, Max primarily works within the prestigious platinum team – looking after our UHNW clients. As a former GB gymnast he excels under pressure, to the highest level of standard, and always puts his best foot forward.

Despite his youth, Max understands the luxury sector inside out with knowledge beyond his years. This has seen him managing large accounts including Chanel, and also frequently being requested by our members on-site at events.

Millie Hodgson Luxury Lifestyle Manager at the Sincura Group Concierge

Millie Hodgson


D: 0203 148 2666

Millie joined Sincura after a successful spell at a leading insurance company in the City. With an organised and analytical eye - Millie joined the private concierge team and quickly established herself as one of the most proficient young concierge’s in the industry.

With hundreds of requests each day, she meticulously manages the systems ensuring everything is logged, processed and followed up – ensuring all members receive a flawless Sincura experience. She is quickly becoming the glue that holds the operation together and a key member of the senior team.

As Millie’s experience grows she finds herself managing more partnerships ensuring that the Sincura knowledge is up-to-date and referenced and cross referenced, from new venues opening around the globe, to sourcing luxury items, to finding hidden gems.

Stefano De Gaspari at Sincura Group Concierge

Stefano De Gaspari


D: 0203 148 2670

Stefano hails from Turin in Italy and has spent many years in the South of France before going on to live and work in São Paulo and marry his Brazilian wife. Moving to the United Kingdom with a spell in the hospitality industry, he pursued a career in a major property company specialising in luxury real estates.

With his dynamic and diverse range of skills and experiences, Stefano joined Sincura to manage the rollout of our multi-lingual service across both private and corporate clients. Now the manager of the linguistic team, his role is to ensure that our award-winning standards are maintained across the language spectrum.

Stefano heads up our white label operations looking after corporate clients and their members across Europe, offering a unique lifestyle service branded under your name.

Dr Gerhard Bissell at The Sincura Group

Dr Gerhard Bissell


D: 0203 148 2663

With a doctorate in art history and numerous publications to boot, Gerhard heads Sincura’s arts and culture section. Throw the name of an obscure baroque sculptor in the discussion, he probably has a thing or two to say about him and will tell you where to see his best work. With his global knowledge and experience, he’ll also convince you that it’s well worth taking a detour on your leisure trip to experience a jaw dropping French Renaissance Château or the latest 21st century museum building – preferably when it hosts an opera soirée or a jazz fusion festival.

Gerhard lived in his native Germany, in Italy’s capital Rome as well as Scotland and England for extended periods, has soaked in their respective ways of life and traditions, and is only too happy to delve into his rich fund of experiences to make your experience richer and more rewarding.

As a senior member of the linguistic team, he is fluent in several major European languages. Gerhard oversees the day-to-day management of requests from our global audience, ensuring it is handled accurately and efficiently and helps to develop our staff. Gerhard is managing the rollout of Sincura Switzerland and expansion into Germany.

charlotte regan head of travel at the Sincura Group Concierge

Charlotte Bernhardsson-Regan


D: 0203 148 2665

Hailing from the coldest depths of Sweden – travel (and in particular sunshine) has always had a huge pull for Charlotte. And she excels at it - heading up the Sincura Travel team to secure the best travel deals and unique experiences for our clients.

Charlotte ensures that every travel partner, from hotels and villas to chauffeurs and jets, meet the high demands of our members. With thousands of relationships from her many years at Sincura she can ensure that your travel needs are managed flawlessly and our high level of service are brought with you wherever you are around the globe.

Charlotte also curates our travel news to highlight some of the best deals, personal reviews and offers from around the world. She manages an international team of travel writers and reviewers and oversees the creation of our city guides - the most comprehensive guides in the industry. If you are travelling to a specific city ask Charlotte and she will give you insider tips and knowledge from a monthly calendar to the best places to stay, dine, experience, and explore.

lincoln hall food and beverage manager at the Sincura Group Concierge



D: 0203 148 2655

Lincoln's career started under the guidance of Alan Yau OBE – as part of his inner team – launching and managing the revolutionary Japanese noodle bar Wagamama. From there he helped launch Michelin star rated Hakkasan and went on to be the Head Maitre’D for almost 4 years,

Since then Lincoln helped open and manage some of London’s most prestigious bars, restaurants and clubs including Nobu, Taman Gang, Salt, Aura, Pangea Marbella, Movida and Zuma. Following Zuma he was head Maitre’D at Novikov and Street XO.

Working with Sincura for over 7 years to ensure we are regarded as the leading gastronomic concierge, Lincoln currently splits his time between Sincura and as part of Gordan's Ramsey's inner circle at Lucky Cat.

Alice Hodgson head of fashion and society at the Sincura Group Concierge

Alice Hodgson


D: 0203 148 2664

Alice specialises in access to uber-exclusive events – from front row seats at Paris Fashion Week to the Met Gala. In fact when you see the stars on TV walking red carpet at Cannes Film Festival or attending Elton John’s Oscar’s party and wonder how you can get there – Alice is your lady

She joined Sincura with a rich background of working with leading brands and fashion houses, and continues to develop these relationships on behalf of members to ensure you have unrivalled access to the very best the world has to offer.

Looking after the premium Sincura members, she never seems to stop working, and if you are lucky enough to have Alice as your account manager you will have one of our most popular, friendly and astute members of staff representing you.

Matthew Davies head of sports tickets at the Sincura Group Concierge

Matthew Davies


D: 0203 148 2662

We call Matthew “The Milkman”. He says it’s because he always delivers, but really it’s because he drunk two litres of milk after completing the “new starters’ chilli challenge”. But credit where credit is due – he has proved himself one of the consistent deliverers of tickets on the planet.

Matthew has quickly become an integral part of the tickets team, and now heads the team up. With hundreds of requests each week from sports tickets and music concerts to high society events and film premieres, Matthew manages a team of experts with over 50 years combined industry experience ensuring your experience is flawless from the minute we log your request to when we build your event itinerary and deliver your experience.

He never stops at Sincura, working with both our private and corporate members, our partners, and maintaining our relationships with the leading teams, venues and events to ensure you can enjoy the most exclusive experiences at the best price on the market.

will richards at the Sincura Group Concierge

William Richards

Campaign Manager

D: 0203 148 2671

Will joined us fresh out of University and with a strong interest in business and strategy he works to help advance our strategic approach, websites and custom in-house CRM, which over 6 years of development has grown into the advanced system on the market.

Will manages a number of campaign, utilizing his strategic perspective, relationship building, and technological experience to effectively manage the project life cycle from planning, testing, delivery, and ongoing management once live.

He has rolled out projects across the GCC for a number of clients – and he is currently working with our international teams on the rollout of Sincura GCC launching soon.

Don’t think it’s all tech and dark rooms with Will – as an ex England Youth Football player he puts himself in the forefront, supporting the ticket team in particular, but working with all teams to effectively roll out their campaigns.

chiana clark at the Sincura Group Concierge

Chiana Clark

Head of Sincura News

D: 0203 148 2123

Ever wondered how our members are the first to hear about the latest venue launches, restaurant news, travel tips, film and tickets offers, and regional news from New York to Dublin? It's all down to Chiana who heads up our successful news team.

If it's happening then rest assured she knows about it. Along with her news team she is the engine room of the company and often the first voice you hear when you call Sincura.

With over 20 articles loaded each day through our App, Social Media, and members' platforms she is one of the busiest and hardest working in the office.

Always one of the first in the office, Chiana ensures hundreds of thousands of you are never left in the dark when it comes to the hottest news and events. She ensures that you click on any day in any country on our App and instantly know what’s going on – and furthermore, book it.

CHRISTINE PEPPER office manager at the Sincura Group Concierge



D: 0203 148 2662

Not only is Chrissie the longest serving Sincura staff member, she is also the most important to our company. In fact the reason we win so many accolades as the best concierge on the market is largely down to her.

She oversees everything, every client request passes her eyes, every ticket sent or booking made is checked by her, every contract, every invoice, and every action. Though you may not know Chrissie, she definitely knows you. She manages the membership team to ensure you are all registered correctly, and runs reports every morning and evening to check that you are happy and being represented properly.

Previously heading up HR team from blue-chip multinational companies, she is a great asset to Sincura and ensures that our staff, clients, and partners have the best experience from our award winning company.

prag rai out of hours support at the Sincura Group Concierge



D: 0203 148 2655

We call Prag the "Silent Assassin" - and beyond his quiet and unassuming nature is a young man bristling with talent. With a degree in business information technology, and a father who was a Gurkha, it is no surprise that Prag is our hardest working, loyal and knowledgeable staff member. And he proved this when he learnt his trade through our credit card services - managing the largest number of requests each day and receiving the best client feedback.

With his eye for detail, understanding of our systems, and desire to please, Prag oversees your requests out of office hours. He ensures that all your questions are categorised, allocated, and that you receive the best client experience. And it works - as we continue to lead the market on feedback, quality of service and response times. In the same time that other concierge services would take to reply to your message we will have you sat in their restaurant enjoying their meal organised by us.

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The Sincura Group are delighted to work with, and respresent, leading brands around the world.

A selection of these brands can be seen below:


The Sincura Group is made up of 2 companies in the UK: Sincura Concierge Ltd (Company Number 09024258), Sincura Tickets Ltd (Company Number 09052252).

We are aware that other companies are masquerading as part of The Sincura Group, only emails from addresses ending are genuinely from us, and only invoices from Sincura Concnierge L>td or Sincura Tickets Ltd are genuinely from us.

sincura concierge service level agreements


Repeatedly voted the best concierge in the world for both personal and business clients, our multi-award winning team do it better than anyone else, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in every corner of the world.

We are very proud of the Sincura Concierge service – we continue to lead the industry with our quality of replies and response times. All requests are managed by humans; 24/7 from our London and worldwide offices.

Other concierges boast that they will acknowledge your concierge request within 3 hours – well we don’t believe that’s good enough! On average it takes less than 2 minutes for you to receive an acknowledgement that your request has been received, viewed, loaded into our system and allocated to an expert to start working on. We close 30% of requests within 10 minutes, over 60% within 2 hours and 99% within 1 business day.

In the same time it takes other concierges to acknowledge your request for a restaurant reservation, with us you should be booked in, sitting down, and enjoying the dinner we have organised for you.

But don't take our word for it - read the feedback from clients.

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☎️ 0203 148 2655

The Sincura Group is dedicated to making the world a better place.

As a company we donate part of all monies we receive, be it through memberships, tickets & hospitality, experiences or events, back into the youth of today to support their lives and their future prospects.

Through enriching your lives, we are also enriching so many more, from re-uniting incorrectly orphaned children with their biological parents to funding sports stars of the future. We thank you for your continued support on our mission.

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