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Sincura is regarded as the most technically advanced concierge in the world, supporting our staff with technology to ensure our award-winning service remains one step ahead of our competitors

With the huge success of Sincura technology – we are also now offering our technology services to other companies from building CRMs to building Website and Apps, from data modelling to behaviour insights.

Creating CRMs

Your Customer Relationship Management CRM) tool is the backbone of every business, allowing you to efficiently run your company, clients, members and staff

We see so many large companies using off-the-shelf CRM systems like Salesforce which we believe is wrong

We believe your working practise should not be dictated by software, and instead your software should be custom built to you dictated by your working practises.


Developed over 6 years, our custom in-house CRM has grown into the most advanced system on the market, acknowledged by Sincura winning a breakthrough research and development grant in 2019.

Our CRM allows us to work efficiently, and not only compete against, but outperform companies ten times the sizes with ten times as many staff.

It also allows us to take our business with us everywhere, on our time

Managing your clients

Sincura has the highest satisfaction rate of any company in our industry, the highest client retention rate, and are the only concierge to openly publish client feedback

Our CRM ensures that the journey the client has with us is second to none. We lead the market when it comes quality of replies, response times, and understand our clients better than anyone else.


Other concierges boast that they will acknowledge your concierge request within 3 hours – well we don’t believe that’s good enough!

On average it takes less than 2 minutes for you to receive an acknowledgement that your request has been received, viewed, loaded into our system and allocated to an expert to start working on. We close 30% of requests within 10 minutes, over 60% within 2 hours and 99% within 1 business day.

In the same time it takes other concierges to acknowledge your request for a restaurant reservation, with us you should be booked in, sitting down, and enjoying the dinner we have organised for you.

Our technology supports our concierge team to ensure we continue to lead the industry with our quality of replies and response times.

Our CRM allows us to:

Process new requests quickly and efficiently
Assign requests as urgent to prioritise
Allocat requests to staff
Progress requests and update clients of work
Use our datastore for historic requests that are similar
See clients' behavior to predict venues suitable based on likes and dislikes
Send city guides
Automate emails and app notifications
Make and manage booking


The Sincura team were recently invited in to a premiership football club and asked "why do people book their hospitality through you and not directly with us?" Simple - their matchday hopspitality starts when they step foot into the stadium and ends when they leave the stadium. For us it starts days and weeks beforehand and continues days and weeks after.

Once we have booked in members in our CRM helps manage their booking to ensure the best client journey and experience.

Our CRM allows us to:

Send booking confirmations with maps and contact details
Manage Travel news and relevant information to ensure they are prepared for their booking
Itineraries and city guides to help them with services surrounding their bookings
Reminding members that they have bookings today and managing diaries
Office notifications of upcoming bookings so we know where our members are at any time
Emergency contacts and out of hours support rotas
Follow up feedback to constantly monitor and modify answers


Understanding our clients is key to providing them with a good service, which in turn results into strong customer relationships and new sales through positive word-of-mouth recommendation.

Our CRM allows us to:

View our members' details at a glance
View and manage their requests
Gain valuable insights into their likes and dislikes
Compare them to their peers
Manage their bookings and sales and learn patterns
Use our behaviour tools to understand everything from wealth to satisfaction, profitability to reliability
See their engagement and track activity
Receive feedback to improve our service
Learn about our membership base as a whole


Sincura is the fastest growing concierge company in the world, and our technology allows us to expand our company and client base, with a number of tools

Our CRM allows us to:

Manage new enquiries
Search for company contacts and new leads
Track important sales and marketing opportunities
Track progress and key actions
Search for celebrities and agents
Track and monitor our competitors
Understand our member base for marketing opportunities
Track our website and google rankings
Understand our website activity, entry points, and bounce rates
See an instant report
Manage and automate newsletter

Managing your staff and office

The single most important asset in any business is their staff, and with remote working more prevalent, the CRM allows the staff to efficiently organise their day and managers to see their teams.


Each staff member has their own page on the CRM where they can:

Manage their clients
Raise and manage their client requests
Raise and manage internal tasks
Manage their profiles
Manage their days off,sick and holidays
Raise expense sheets and timesheets Access company forms and policies

These staff pages can be accessed anywhere around the world to fully support muliple offices and remote working.


As well as this managers can see their staff including:

Status of requests for all staff
Who is the office
Manage team rotas
Client feedback
Staff activity reports
Team announcements
Staff financials
Staff training
Contracts, forms, and payroll

They can also create and manage events and teambuilding for staff


Tools to manage your company finances with:

Raise new invoices
Manage the status of invoices
Manage sales
See member fees and overviews
Breakdown sales per client
See client value and profitability
See company profits and losses
See financial trends
Manage company overheads

Reporting and shared tools

Sincura's concierge staff is a quarter the size of our competitors but we repreatedly outperform them.

Our technology allows us to "box clever" and supports the staff to work at their most efficient.

Though we are not going to give away all of our secrets, here are some of the tricks we use.


The reporting suite allows to track goals, identify problems, learn about our clients and create or improve effective strategies. This includes:

Company reports See the activity of the company over the last week, month, year or any timescale you choose

Financial reports
See the company finances and trends

Staff reports
Track the performance of your staff

Member reports
See our members and their activity

Behaviour reports
Our algorithms allow us to predict a members' behaviour and tune the service to them

Engagament reports
From social media to app useage

Feedback reports
Allows us to guagae satusfaction and improve our service based on client feedback

Sales reports
Allows our sales team to efficiently track progress

All of our white label clients also have their reporting suites, with monthly reports sent to them.


We have a library of resources at our fingertips to enhance our service including:

Data store.
A member of staff may have a request for recommendations for a vegan restaurant in Amsterdam, and a similar request may have been completed by a colleague the day before. Our data store keeps all requestsa and ranks them based on feedback from clients. It allows anyone to look up a historic request from over half a million to give them pointers in future requests.

Client profiling.
By profiling our clients we can see their likes and dislikes. We also look at their peer groups - so if a client asks for a restaurant we can see the restaurants that his peers like eating in. This allows us to tune requests to the client.

Venue directory.
We have a database of restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs, spas, and other venues that anyone in our global offices can look up and find a venue and contact details.

Partners Directory.
We can look at our partners we work with from football grounds to airlines to immediately contact the right people.

Managing your social media and news

Our social media and news services are important to bring tailored and relevant news at the fingertips of our members

We monitor every view and click to allow us to understand our clients and tailor the news to them.


Our tools allow us to manage our social media reacha dn campaigns efficiently in one place.

Our systems allow us to:

Create, edit and load posts
Schedule posts for the future
Gather stats to advise on timings
View engagment logs
Understand celebrities and their reach for brand ambassadors
Manage our social media campaign strategies


We publish over 20 news items a day, and these are tailored to our members. By understanding what news items our clients are reading we can understand them - for example if a client is reading offers for disneyland then we learn they have young children.

Our central news CRM allows us to:

Manage and send newsletters
Load news items to App
Manage international news
Manage offers
Manage static pages on the App
Send city guides
See popular news items, trends and themes
View App activity and engagement
Learn about members from what they read
Create white label news and custom content
Simple APIs to intergarte into third parties
Engage with partners and brands to publish their news

White labelled for clients

Sincura technology provide solutions for many clients, from small startups to large blue-chip companies

Our systems have been designed so they are easy to white label for you.

Our systems have managed the requests of hundreds of thousands of members over the years under the names of our white label clients.

It takes just 3 months to build you a fully bespoke CRM and intergarte it into your services.

Below are a small number of white label clients using our systems:

Meet the senior team

Tony Baxter sincura technology

Tony Baxter


D: 0203 148 2660

Our technology team is headed up by our director, Tony Baxter, who has installed a strong emphasis of Sincura being a technology driven concierge. Tony started writing code at the age of 8 on his father's BBC Micro and after studying computing, maths and finance at University he joined software house Logica as an architect for Fastwire, the world's fastest Swift messaging system as used by Bank of England and processing 200 financial messages per second / 5million per day.

After setting up his own software consultancy at the age of 22, he won IT contracts with Nomura (strategic data management), UBS (change the bank technology), DrKW (repo desk technology), Finansbanken, Norway (front office technology), RZB (front office technology). He then joined the Credit Suisse Asset management team to implement data and behaviour modelling strategies before finishing his IT career at Lehman Brothers.

Since founding the Sincura Group it has always been his vision to bring the same strategies used by the major banks to the concierge industry, to both understand and predict client behaviour.

callum van engel technology manager at the Sincura group



D: 0203 148 2669

After completing his Business and Management degree, Callum joined Sincura to expertly take our award-winning CRM systems to the next level. Tuning our behaviour algorithms, rolling out automation, building accurate customer reporting, and advancing our API and mobile applications. We are able to offer efficient and powerful white-label solutions that are customisable and integratable to bespoke client needs.

Our white-label projects are in confident hands as Callum utilizes his strategic perspective, relationship building, and technological experience to effectively manage the project life cycle from planning, testing, delivery, and ongoing management once live.

As one of the most analytical members at Sincura, his work ensures we continue to raise the bar when it comes to client and request management, and your journey with us is second to none.

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