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Welcome to The Award Winning Sincura Group Concierge and Lifestyle services. Whether you are a private client looking for assistance with your busy life or a company looking for unique staff and client benefits we are here to help. From priority reservations at the most exclusive restaurants to luxury travel planning, VIP tickets to sold-out events to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, we enrich our members' lives, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in every corner of the world.

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Sincura's service is based on three simple principles:

Being the best connected network, our global contacts allow us to obtain the unobtainable.

Providing a private and personal one-to-one service to our members.

Offering the best value concierge on the market.

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Sincura offer the most extensive range of concierge and lifestyle services in the market all under one roof – our most popular include:

sincura concierge services for making vip restaurant reservations


We are incredibly proud of our exceptional knowledge of the World’s gastronomic scene. Our highly skilled and connected team, including former Michelin Maître-d’s and food critics, keeps our members up-to-date with the latest launches, menu changes, and popular hot spots.

You can enjoy advice on where to dine to match your culinary tastes, from lively, trendy spots to quiet and romantic hidden gems.

We offer a full booking service with priority reservations at the most exclusive restaurants around the globe.

🛎️ Example Request - I am looking for a reservation for four people on Wednesday at about 8pm at Gordon Ramsay’s Lucky Cat.


sincura concierge services for booking vip hotels around the world


Sincura Hotelier holds exclusive partnerships with world-renowned hotels across the World. With access to an exceptional collection of luxury and boutique hotels, our Hotelier team, along with our Travel team, can source you the most suitable hotel rooms and suites wherever you travel.

We have curated a list of the most ostentatious hotels and villas across the World for your perusal, ensuring you feel like royalty once you step through the door.

🛎️ Example request - I am looking to book Soho House New York for five days from the 15th January. My partner and I would like a medium-sized bedroom with great views.


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sincura concierge services for booking vip holiday and business travel


Wanderlust by Sincura is your ticket to the perfect holiday or escape.

With worldwide partnerships and international VIP access, we pride ourselves on offering a truly personal service - being on hand from the point of initial booking all the way through to returning home in safety and comfort.

Our expert Travel team can produce luxury bespoke itineraries, offer local insider knowledge of your destination, and ensure every step of the journey is truly special.

We allow access to airport lounges, preferential rates with our partnered airlines, exclusive 5-star upgrades at hotels, and global access to the finest restaurants.

🛎️ Example Request - Can you recommend the best destinations to travel for winter sun with my family (two adults, two teenagers, and a small baby). We are looking for seven days, with a kid’s club and a full itinerary to include tours.


sincura concierge services for booking sold out vip event tickets


The Sincura Tickets team have two mission statements; to be able to source any ticket for any event and to beat the market prices.

We have exceeded these expectations and now supply tickets to over 180 hotel concierges, credit card companies, and private and corporate clients both in the UK and Worldwide. We are the primary market and provide tickets to other agencies. Our hand selected team has over 50 years’ experience in the industry.

We are officially appointed to represent the leading venues, teams and events which include being selected as the VIP ticket partner for the London Olympics 2012 and the Rugby World Cup 2015.

Our most popular tickets include :
Film and Theatre - Cannes Film Festival, London Film Festival, Latest Film premieres, The Oscars, BAFTAs
Fashion - London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Milan fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Victoria Secrets fashion show, Latest Fashion launches
Music - Leading music festivals worldwide, Leading music concerts worldwide, Music award ceremonies
Sport - Football, Athletics and Olympics, Horse Racing, Tennis, Motor Sports, Cricket, Rugby, American Football, Basketball, Polo, Baseball, Boxing
Society - Balls and Galas, Celebrity events (Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party, Elton John’s black tie and tiara ball, Leonardo DiCaprio charity event), Award Ceremonies, Exclusive society events (Vienna Masquerade Ball)

🛎️ Example request: I am looking for two tickets to the upcoming James Bond film premiere. Please can you secure these tickets for me?


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sincura concierge services for clubs


Sincura Clubs welcomes you to enjoy your passions and meet like-minded individuals through exclusive events and VIP access, including the chance to access some exclusive opportunities and join the brand new Sincura Wine Club.

🛎️ Example request - I am interested in your Wine Club to expand my knowledge and collection.


sincura white label concierge services for families and personal assitance butler


Our family service takes pride in facilitating everything you could possibly need for yourself and your family at home.

We help secure domestic staff for all of your family requirements, including international properties and second homes.

Our childcare and educational services are experts in ensuring your children have the very best start in life.

We have a large team of researchers who hunt for those missing gems of information and are hand-picked to offer invaluable advice.

🛎️ Example request - I will be travelling to London this summer and require a private chauffeur, a tutor for our two children, and an appointment with a range of personal trainers in the area.


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sincura concierge property management services


Home is where the heart is. It’s your haven, your personal space, where you kick back, relax and unwind. It’s also where an endless amount of work and domestic responsibilities lie.

It takes a lot of time and commitment to keep your home running smoothly, especially if you have more than one house or a busy lifestyle to contend with.

We appreciate the location of your house is essential. We have established relationships with the very best property advisors and estate agents to suggest only the most suitable options for you and your family.

With our expert knowledge and unprecedented supplier relationships, Sincura Abode services can help take all of these responsibilities off your hands.

🛎️ Example request – I am looking for a short term apartment to rent in Central Hong Kong. Can you arrange a call with an estate agent to explore the options?


sincura concierge services for shopping and sourcing unique goods


The Sincura Styled team hold exclusive relationships with luxury fashion brands, department stores, and industry individuals around the World with access to rare and exclusive fashion items.

With every bespoke shopping experience tailored to your specifications, we can give you exclusive access to private shopping experiences, highly sought-after products, and expert advice on the latest fashions and trends to ensure your wardrobe is entirely up to date.

Our gifting team can help source the perfect gift for any occasion and are adept at finding unique presents for the loved one who has everything.

🛎️ Example request - Can you please help me source a Hermes Birkin handbag?


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sincura carriages service vehicle private hire


Whatever road you are on, our Sincura carriages service can source the perfect transportation for your journey. We look to take the hassle out of finding the most suitable transport, both in terms of cost and convenience.

We take pride in having expert partners in luxury travel with the opportunity to offer our clients the perfect balance of luxury, comfort and style when arriving at their destination.

🛎️ Example request - Can you please book me an S-Class (or equivalent) to pick me up from my home to take me to Heathrow tomorrow at 7.15am?


sincura concierge services spas and grooming


Wellbeing by Sincura, a service tailored around your mind, body and soul.

We give you access to the very best spas and retreats across the UK and Worldwide, all carefully curated by health and beauty experts.

With unique relationships, catering for both men and women, our expert team can ensure priority bookings for exclusive treatments, complimentary memberships, and free trials – everything you need for complete relaxation.

Enjoy exclusive VIP access to prestigious brand launches and private showcase events, and be ‘in the know’ with all of the best health and beauty products on the market.

🛎️ Example request - I’d like to go on a fitness-based wellness retreat in Europe in January. Can you recommend and book one for me, please? I will be travelling alone.


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sincura concierge services


The Sincura Group has access to leading experts in the field of financial management advice. With Sincura’s roots deep in the financial districts of the World, Sincura has always worked with the most prestigious commercial and private financial institutions.

Sincura have hand-picked experts to offer members a full range of financial services and complimentary consultations that are commonly unavailable anywhere else.

🛎️ Example request - I need to file my end-of-year taxes. Please can you put me in contact with an affordable accountant?


sincura concierge corporate and business assistance


From business travel, events and hospitality, staff rewards and incentives to expatriate support services. The Sincura Business team provides a bespoke business-orientated service to suit the needs of your company.

Whether you’re looking to expand your business network in a specific region or if you’re looking for introductions to high profile contacts, we can make the necessary arrangements.

🛎️ Example request - I am launching a new fashion business. Can you help me with business introductions, a personal CRM system, and work with me to develop a marketing plan?


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unique once in a lifetime red letter day concierge experiences with sincura


Here at Sincura, with the help of our dedicated, hand-picked events team, we have access to the most exclusive experiences all over the World.

Have you ever wanted to train with a premiership football club, play tennis against Boris Becker, go through astronaut training, or create your own wine.

Maybe you want front row seats at Paris Fashion Week, or to drive with the Stig, or enjoy backstage passes to meet your favourite band?

Repeatedly voted the best concierge in the world for both personal and business clients, our multi-award winning team can make it happen, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in every corner of the world.

🛎️ Example request: I would like to play golf at the Augusta National Golf Club with a PGA Tour Pro.


concierge member events and soirrees with sincura


With our exclusive partnerships across London and globally, Sincura Soirees showcase some of the finest and luxurious venues through quarterly member events.

Through a variety of social, cultural and sporting events, we offer free access to all of the soirees for our members with the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and enjoy new product and venue launches across London and globally.

Our expert events team are also on hand to create and deliver bespoke and luxury events tailored to engage, educate and inspire any attendee. The events team are experts in making the impossible, possible and creating unique and memorable experiences.

🛎️ Example request - I would like to attend your summer soiree on your exclusive boat at Henley Royal Regatta.


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complete concierge services worldwide


Our team are on-hand 24/7 for all your emergencies, whether it be emergency medical care or simply finding your lost luggage. We have a multi-lingual company and operate in most languages.

🛎️ Example request: Example request: I have lost my wallet and need help.


Developed over 18 months to provide our members a intuitive user experience, we see this as the future of luxury lifestyle.

Our app give your access to everything our exclusive membership delivers, all at a touch of a button. Members can navigate their account, access their membership details and upgrades; Utilize our private messaging to their lifestyle manage; Place requests for any of our services and view the latest lifestyle news and exclusive offers.


Our request function offers an easy way to use any of our services from finding you a limited edition Burkin, to getting tickets to the latest film premiere or festival.

With our private messaging, we ensure you'll be continually updated with the progress of your request while offering a convenient way should your request need updating or changes.

The app holds all the details of your Account Manager and how to contact them should you want to discuss anything.


We work with thousands of brands and PR agents who keep us up to date with the latest insider knowledge, from where the celebrities will be to what they will be wearing.

With daily updates our news service is used by everyone from newspapers and paparazzi photographers to socialites and those who want to stay one step ahead of the social scene.


Whether it's looking for the best hotels in New York, the best restaurants in Paris, the best places to shop in Dubai, the must-see attractions in Barcelona or a month-by-month to Amsterdam, we have it all covered wiht our City Guides.

Creatred by our Travel team and international offices we can give you tips and advice, plus make reservations, wherever you are around the world


Our offers section is the key to access exclusive tickets and promotions from our worldwide partners, from film premieres to tickets for the Met Gala.

We not only source entry to whatever social event you desire but are able to exclusively offer our members some of the most sought after and sold out tickets, events and experiences.


The App is tailored to your behaviour, likes and dislikes, and the more you use it the more it will tailor itself to you.


Repeatedly voted the best concierge in the world for both personal and business clients, our multi-award winning team do it better than anyone else, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in every corner of the world.


Other concierges boast that they will acknowledge your concierge request within 3 hours – well we don’t believe that’s good enough! On average it takes less than 2 minutes for you to receive an acknowledgement that your request has been received, viewed, loaded into our system and allocated to an expert to start working on. We close 30% of requests within 10 minutes, over 60% within 2 hours and 99% within 1 business day.

In the same time it takes other concierges to acknowledge your request for a restaurant reservation, with us you should be booked in, sitting down, and enjoying the dinner we have organised for you.

But don't take our word for it - read the feedback from clients.


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