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book your wild west adventure through the grat american old west



- Enjoy the journey as much as the destination on a road trip through Yellowstone National Park

- Take on the rapids of Wyoming’s Snake River

- Experience a day in the life of a cowboy at a working ranch

- Follow the Old West trails on horseback through Grand Teton National Park

- Fly over Glacier National Park for a panoramic view of Big Sky Country and the majestic glacial peaks

- Track black bears and wolf packs with a former park ranger and wolf tracker

- Round things off at at Ranch at Rock Creek or Resort at Paws Up to recharge and partake in some good old fashioned Western pass-times

This trip can be customised to your personal preferences. Get in touch to create your own Sincura journey to America.

book tickets to visit the famous grand teton national park in wyoming in america


road trip through the yellowstone national park and see volcanic hot spots


experience a day in the life of a real cowboy at a working ranch



The pioneer spirit still burns strongly in the wide-open expanses of the American West. Roads meander past immense vistas framed by towering peaks and former frontier boomtowns conjure images of Hollywood Westerns. Mosey across Montana and Wyoming on the road to freedom, adventure and wonderment. Begin with a few days in Jackson then drive to Yellowstone National Park and across into Montana. If you are looking to take this epic road trip to the next level, we have some of the most incredible RV's available...

Visit the legendary rodeo of Jackson Hole, where fine stock and youthful cowboys channel the spirit of the West during action-packed displays of bull riding, bareback bronc riding, barrel racing and calf roping. The more inquisitive-minded can go “behind the chutes” to explore the underbelly of the sport with the riders and wranglers.

Get ready for a wild adventure of your own as you take on the whitewater rapids of Snake River in a small, six-passenger raft. Lunch Counter and Bailing Straights are just two of the rapids that await you. Stop along the river for a homestyle cookout feast of chili beef and cornbread. River otters, osprey and bald eagles inhabit the area so keep your eyes peeled.

Cowboy culture has existed since the arrival of the first settlers. To truly get in the spirit and earn the respect of your steed, you first have to learn how to catch, saddle and sit before you can ride your horse. The unwritten code of the West underpins the character of every skilled horseman. Discover these principles and the distinctive culture of the frontier that still exists today as you practise ranching, cattle driving and roping.

Grand Teton National Park is a serene sanctuary for wildlife. Glimpse bison, pronghorn and the world’s largest herd of elk roaming the plains. Boat alpine lakes, hike rising peaks, cycle park trails, camp in mountain meadows and picnic in the lush valleys of the Teton Range. More adventurous climbers will be drawn to the backcountry. Here you can also visit a local ranch to meet a practitioner of the unique art of horse whispering. With your newfound equine respect, explore the Grand Teton wilderness on horseback. There are over 2.5 million acres of dramatic scenery to sate your appetite for adventure.

Enter the living canvas of Yellowstone National Park. From Old Faithful’s gushing geyser, to technicolour hot springs, petrified forests, showstopping waterfalls and bubbling mud pots, the unique beauty seems like something out of a painter’s imagination. The largest, free-roaming herd of bison gather along the river of Hayden Valley, sometimes forming roadblocks as they wander between watering holes. Wolf packs and bears prowl the valley floor. Since their reintroduction to the park, grey wolves have thrived as the apex predators of the Yellowstone Park ecosystem. Explore the park with an expert wolf tracker and see these incredible canines in action...

Travel along the Going-to-the-Sun Road, a scenic mountain pass through Glacier National Park. Meet a former park ranger who will tailor your visit to your interests, abilities and preferences. Together you can track intrepid mountain goats and black bears as you hike the Hanging Gardens, McDonald valley and glacial high-country. Meet tribal members who will share their knowledge of Native American culture and history with you through music, dance and narration.

Board a seaplane from Whitefish Lake for a chance to access remote areas of the park. From an aerial perspective you can glimpse the 700 or more lakes that punctuate the terrain like mirrors. Montana’s Big Sky is renowned for majestic sunsets. Sip a glass of champagne and watch the spectacular pastel-hues reflecting in the lake as you gently sail along the placid waters at dusk.

Wells Fargo will forever be linked to the image of a traditional stagecoach thundering across the American West. Take a horse-drawn journey across the plains like the pioneers. Or channel Billy the Kid with your guns blazing during a pistol shooting lesson. Perhaps visit a once-booming ghost town, where miners and outlaws frequented back in the day.

There is a plethora of possibilities that will turn your Wild West dreams into reality. There is a plethora of possibilities that will turn your Wild West dreams into reality.


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book a dive with sperm whales experience in the deep water of the caribbean sea



- Journey to Dominica, the Caribbean's 'Nature Island' and ecological jewel

- Year-round refuge for the sperm whales

- Dedicated skipper and guide ensuring optimum opportunities for viewing these incredible mammals

- Six day adventure ensuring ample time for photographing, observing from the boat and swimming with the sperm whales

- Additional time to explore Dominica from the land if desired

This trip can be customised to your personal preferences. Get in touch to craft your own Sincura Dominican diving adventure.

book a diving experience with whales in the caribbean's deep seas


book a luxury white sand beach day in the caribbean


book exclusive packages to dive with sperm whale in the caribbean



Come face to face with the gentle giants of the deep during this truly humbling adventure. Journey to Dominica, the ‘Nature Island’ and ecological jewel of the Caribbean. Here, lush forested mountains drop into tranquil blue waters, which shelter one of the richest marine ecosystems on the planet. Sperm Whales take refuge here year round, and thanks to specially arranged permits, you’ll have the incredibly rare opportunity to enter their world.

Over the course of six days your skipper and guide will analyse the weather and movements of the sperm whales to get you in the right place at the right time to see these magnificent creatures and if the conditions allow it, swim with them too. Despite being capable of diving to depths of 1,000 metres, they can often be seen at the water’s surface. This and their calm demeanour makes it easy to swim alongside these gentle giants.

The steep underwater drop-offs along Dominica’s west coast create sheltered bays that are an ideal habitat for the whales, where they can feed, breed and raise their young in safety. Combine your time photographing these whales, swimming with them and observing them from the boat but don’t forget to take a moment just comprehending the incredible experience you are witnessing.

With any luck, you’ll also be treated to the antics of pods of dolphins swimming alongside the boat, as Spinner Dolphin, Spotted Dolphin, Fraser Dolphin and Bottlenose Dolphin are all regular residents of the local waters.

And if your thirst for adventure isn’t quite quenched, we’d love to show you around the remarkable Nature Island above the surface.


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book the ultimate jounrey into the unknown wilderness with renowned expedition leader Dr. Raj Joshi



- Spend a week in the wilderness

- Follow instructions and navigate through your unknown surroundings

- Crafted in collaboration with Dr Raj Joshi, expedition leader and A-List celebrity guide

- Find your true self, free from the constraints of daily life

- Develop compassionate leadership and effect positive life transformation

- Low physical impact, but designed to fundamentally challenge your mindset

- Time allocated for preparation and decompression, both before and after the experience

This trip can be customised to your personal preferences. Get in touch to create your own Sincura Lost and Found adventure.

spend a week in the wilderness with leading celebrity guide dr raj joshi


book your life changing trip to the wilderness


book bespoke package for a life changing trip into the wilderness



First you will be lost. Then you will be found. This is a journey like no other, where if you can find the courage to trust us, we’ll give you the most rewarding trip of your life.

We often forget that not taking a risk in life is perhaps the greatest risk of all. This is a journey into the unknown, a journey into both a physical landscape and the landscape of your mind. Intricately choreographed to deliver profound and lasting change, this journey is about finding your bearings in every sense. You are the adventure.

The concept is in essence extremely simple. You will travel with your guide by helicopter to a remote and undivulged wilderness location. As you both leave the helicopter, your guide will place a box on the ground before climbing back in. Watching it disappear into the sky, the realisation will dawn that you are now alone and lost. Inside the box are a set of instructions and all the essentials you need to survive. Over the course of the next week, you will be asked simply to complete the journey, with Raj helping at various points along the way. This is no common journey.

The experience increases your levels of personal responsibility. It allows time for you to reflect on life as well as a new learning experience. The journey incorporates elements strongly bound to transformational change and a holistic approach involving the physical, psychological and spiritual.


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book a luxury trip to the scotish highland and ride around in a rolls royce



- Experience the majesty of the Scottish highlands

- Behind the scenes visit to the prestigious Dalmore Distillery

- Meet the owners of the Highland Wagyu Farm, the only one of its kind in Scotland

- Go fishing in trout lochs, enjoy bonfire storytelling and try your hand at falconry within the Gleneagles’ estate

- Play a round of golf at The Duke’s Course with an elite professional, as well as the opportunity to play the famous Old Course at St Andrews

This trip can be customised to your personal preferences. Get in touch to craft your own Sincura Scottish journey.

book a unique behind the scenes tour to the dalmore distillery


book tickets to ride famous steam trains in scotland


explore the historical scottish highland with an elite professional



Fasten your seatbelt for Britain’s most exclusive road trip.

This epic five-day journey offers you the rare opportunity to explore the prolific beauty of the Scottish Highlands, whilst simultaneously experiencing unbeatable performance in the driving seat of one of your favourite motor-cars.

Make your own tasting notes on one of the most revered single malt whiskies in the world at the legendary Dalmore Distillery, dine on the UK’s finest Highland Wagyu beef at Blackford Farm, and embark on an unforgettable fishing trip on the Gleneagles’ trout lochs, culminating with a round of golf at one of the world’s most prestigious golf courses with an elite professional by your side at St Andrews.

To complete your journey, on your final evening enjoy dinner at the famous St Andrew's fine-dining restaurant giving you the opportunity to recount the highlights of your road trip. Whoever you choose to share your Highland fling with, this is bound to be the weekend when you fall in love with Scotland, and all it has to offer.


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