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We are renowned as the “gastronomic concierge” due to our knowledge and expertise in the food and beverage industry and with our company focus on restaurants (which account for a third of our client requests).


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We work with a selected number of restaurants, bars and clubs in the following ways:

• Becoming a Sincura partner by both listing on our website and being put forwards as they request bookings.. Seen an example page here.

• Promoting your latest news and events through our F&B newsletter, sent monthly to an audience of 115,000+. See an example here.

• Reviewing your restaurant for a special standalone newsletter to our extended audience and feature on our website... See an example here.

• Hosting showcase events where carefully chosen clients will attend for intimate soiree to sample you first-hand. See an example here.

• Attend regular Sincura events and member soirees to network with our members.


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Other companies stop at media coverage. We go further and introduce you directly to end users. Our behavioural algorithms can match your restaurant to our members and their lifestyles. If you are steak restaurant in Chelsea we can identify those clients that eat steak and that live within a 5 mile radius of you. Our packages can be tailored to your requirements and many of them are complimentary.

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THE SINCURA GROUP provide unique lifestyle management and bespoke concierge services. Our members and their families enjoy worldwide access to exclusive tickets, extraordinary events and unforgettable experiences.


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Number of Sincura members

  • Private members: 500
  • Corporate members: 7500. Example: 2014 saw us appointed by Capco as the concierge providers for Covent Garden to manage the requirements of the residents to their £1.4 billion redevelopment
  • Credit Card members: 180,000. Example: 2018 saw us appointed by Revolut as the concierge for their top level credit card users.
  • Looking forward for 2020: With major new private and corporate clients going live in 2020 we will see Sincura’s memberships levels to triple.

Demographics of private members 

  • UK London: 49%
  • UK Outside London: 29%
  • International: 22%
  • Looking forward for 2020: 2020 will see three new international offices launch to support the offices in UK, Ukraine and Australia . This will result in a more international clientelle – we expect a third of members to reside outside the UK (but regular visitors to the UK).

Our members in more detail 

  • Age: Typically aged 30-55
  • Sex: Men and women 60:40 split.
  • Jobs: In high powered jobs and risen to the top of their industry. Includes business people, entrepreneurs, celebrities, sports stars, royals.
  • Wealth: Our assumed entry criteria: £5 million + in assets for concierge members, £50 million + in assets for ghost membership level.
  • Fees: Concierge members range from £300-£6000 per month.
  • Behaviour: Sincura have an in-house management system which understands the behaviour of our clients. From this we can match clients to brands and products, for example if you were launching a steak restaurant we can identify those clients that live within your vicinity and who regularly eat at steak restaurants.
  • Number of requests received per day: 500+
  • Looking forward for 2020: With our company tripling in size during 2020, we expect to be processing up to 1,500 requests per day. We have already identified, hired and are training staff to cope with these new membership levels. A new board and global COO were brought in Q4 2019 to oversee our growth.

Sincura’s technology

  • CRM: Sincura have been developing our custom in-house CRM system since 2014 and it has grown into the most complex and advanced system on the market, acknowledged by our company winning a breakthrough research and development grant in 2019.  No other concierge company offers the client insight we do – with benefits including:
    • Tailored both our service and our replies to the clients
    • Providing a better client experience – we are the only concierge who openly show our feedback (view here) and have the highest client retention of any concierge
    • Increase the turnaround speed of requests
    • Understand our clients’ likes and dislikes
    • Tailor offers and reward programmes to our clients
    • Identify our client’s habits, and the good and bad clients
    • You can learn more about our data and behaviour modelling here
  • Review: In an independant review in 2019 – Revolut concierge (supplied by Sincura) was voted the best banking concierge beating the likes of AMEX, HSBC and Barclaycard. You can read the review here.
  • Looking forward for 2020: Our technology team is due to triple in 2020 and we will also be announcing a partnership with a major technology company to ensure that Sincura continue to be the most technically advanced concierge in the world.

Sincura Website

  • Web address:
  • Traffic:: 40,000+ page views per month
  • Google rankings: Sincura are generically ranked 1 worldwide on google for hundreds of search teams from “VIP Brit Awards” to “film premiere tickets”.
  • Looking forward for 2020: Sincura’s technology and news team continue to improve, expand, and add content to our website to ensure it stays top of google rankings.

Sincura Newsletters

  • Newsletters created: Weekly what’s on, Monthly restaurantstravelticketsmembers’ bible and film newsletters. Newsletters for UK and USA .
  • White label newsletters: Rebranded newsletters created for corporate clients to circulate to their membership base – examples include Covent GardenHarvey Nichols, and Revolut.
  • Circulation: Direct database of 20,000, extended database of over 200,000 through networks and white label services.
  • Quarterly calendar: Physical calendars are posted to over 2,000 key clients and partners every 3 months. See an example here.
  • Stand-along newsletters: We send ad-hoc standalone newsletters for venues reviewed by our team. These are very well received – in particular our travel reviews. See an example here – these are also duplicated on our website and through social media and personal client recommendations.
  • Member news: We send emails and offers direct to our members based on their profile and suitability. We also phone members nand personally recommend venues and events that suit them.
  • Looking forward for 2020: 2020 will see newsletters created for countries including Ukraine, Russia, Ireland, Switzerland, UAE and Africa. It will also see the news available through our app.

Sincura Social Media

  • Twitter11,000+
  • Facebook: 6,000+
  • Instagram6,000+
  • Posts: 3-5 posts per day
  • Looking forward for 2020: 2020 will see Sincura hire a dedicated Social Media team to further enhance our footprint.

Sincura Events / Soirrees / Venue showcases

New for 2020

  • Memberships: Sincura’s membership is due to treble in 2020 due to new clients coming on board. We remain the fastest growing concierge company in the world.
  • Reach: Sincura’s Russia office goes live at the start of 2020, one of three international offfices launching during the year.
  • Behaviour analysis: Sincura are the most technically advances concierge company in the world allowing us to understand our clients better than anyone and match offers to our client’s behaviour. 2020 sees the latest version of our behaviour analysis – click here to learn more.
  • Sincura app: Our concierge app has been in development since February 2019 and is due to launch in February 2020. It is the most advanced app on the market and will coincide with our media activities with a target of 2 million users on the app within the first 2 years. Preview it here

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you and our friendly team are here to answer all your questions. You can contact us at | 0844 854 9220



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