Concierge and Lifestyle services in London, UK and worldwide for private and business clients


Welcome to The Sincura Group Concierge and Lifestyle services. Whether you are a private client looking for assistance with your busy life or a company looking for unique staff and client benefits we are here to assist. From priority reservations at the most exclusive restaurants to luxury travel planning, VIP tickets to sold-out events to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, we are here to enrich your life.

Voted the best international concierge, our multi-award winning team take care of the details, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in every corner of the world.


Enjoy our premium lifestyle services on the go with the latest news, offers, services, and chat with us for all your requests; keep our global concierge service in your pocket with our new concierge app.

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A Personal Concierge

Our award winning concierge is based on three simple principles:

Being the best connected, our global contacts allow us to obtain the unobtainable.

Offering a private and personal one-to-one service to our members.

Being fair to our clients by offering the best value concierge service on the market.

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Experts in Excellence

Our personable and highly skilled team are hand-picked industry experts in their respective fields and are available around the clock to handle all your requests.

We make a point of meeting each member to better understand your needs and tailor your concierge experience specifically to you.


Sincura offer the most extensive range of concierge and lifestyle services in the market all under one roof – our most popular include:

sincura concierge for Property and Home management service

sincura concierge VIP nightlife and exclusive clubs

sincura concierge for Managing and sourcing art collections

sincura concierge to Grow your business and key assets

sincura concierge services for Taxis, chauffeurs and car hire

sincura concierge services for clubs and to Indulge your loves from wine to movies

sincura services for Hand crafted dream experiences

sincura family concierge services for Personal, social and educational family support

sincura concierge services for Financial management and advise

sincura concierge services for Premium restaurant reservations and last minute bookings

sincura concierge services for Hotel reservations and recommendations

sincura concierge services for Luxury fashion, stylist and gifting specialist

Exclusive events for Sincura concierge members

sincura tickets team can source sold out tickets for exclusive events at unbeatable prices

sincura concierge services for organising dream travel to the best destinations

sincura concierge services for your wellbeing - mind body and soul

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Technology driven

Our services are backed up by our systems - we are regarded the most technically advanced concierge on the market.

Sincura have been developing our custom in-house CRM system since 2014 and it has grown into the most complex and advanced on the market, acknowledged by our company winning a breakthrough research and development grant.


After 18 months of development, The Sincura App brings our award winning services to your fingertips. Our App ensures you make the most of life’s most precious commodity: Your time.

The Sincura App gives access to our private messaging, enabling you to chat to us in confidence and request our services. From making reservations, organising travel, sourcing exclusive goods, organising access to events, you can connect directly with our concierge team through the app.


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Created for you

We are very proud of the Sincura Concierge service – we continue to lead the industry with our quality of replies and response times. All requests are managed by humans; 24/7 from our London and worldwide offices.


Other concierges boast that they will acknowledge your concierge request within 3 hours – well we don’t believe that’s good enough! On average it takes less than 2 minutes for you to receive an acknowledgement that your request has been received, viewed, loaded into our system and allocated to an expert to start working on. We close 30% of requests within 10 minutes, over 60% within 2 hours and 99% within 1 business day.

In the same time it takes other concierges to acknowledge your request for a restaurant reservation, with us you should be booked in, sitting down, and enjoying the dinner we have organised for you.

But don't take our word for it - read the feedback from clients.


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