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This is a great time to be a concierge.

Our busy lifestyles have made it acceptable and accessible to seek lifestyle help from personal assistance and domestic staff to travel solutions, events, and social appointments.
In the hospitality industry, service management is becoming the new paradigm.
These premium services – once considered a luxury only afforded by the upper class – are now attainable by many.

The Global Concierge Services market was valued at USD 750.80 Million in 2021 while post COVID the revenue is projected to be USD 1190.89 Million by 2030.


At Sincura it took us over 10 years to build all of these and create the world’s number 1 concierge, the fastest growing and most profitable concierge in the industry.
And now we are offering you the chance to be part of the incredible Sincura Group to maximise your success when starting your own concierge.

And no-one does it better


launch a concierge company with a sincura franchise

why sincura franxchise is better than quintessentially franchise

90% of Concierge companies fail.

It is not as easy as having a great idea, black book of contacts, or potential clients.

There is so much more to launching a concierge from setting up your IT infrastructure and brand awareness, to your memberships and service levels, to building and managing global partnerships.

Sincura can make you a success.

You may have the best idea or incredible contacts but this doesn't guarantee success.
Far from it.

David Beckham's sister failed - closing her concierge within 12 months despite the many connections and celebrity endorsements she had.

And she is just one of numerous failed attempted to launch into the sector.
We analysed other global concierges to understand how they managed a franchise model - and have learnt from their mistakes to create a solution that works.



sincura are the fastest growing concierge company

enquiring about launching a sincura office - your concierge with their brand name

why sincura are better than quintessentially concierge franchise

Quintessentially run a franchise model.
If you have the right money you can generally operate a franchise, and trade under their name in a country.
Feedback on this model is not good, with many franchises ceasing operations stating crippling franchise fees, little or no support, a depreciating brand value, and an inconsistent service level between offices.
A number of their franchise owners have now moved over to the Sincura model to represent our brand and are benefiting from it.

compare sincura against ten group concierge franchise

Ten Lifestyle doesn't franchise but launches its own international offices.
Feedback indicates that though they have control they often don't have the local knowledge or the drive of a local owner to allow the company to flourish. This is backed up when you look at their worrying financial loses - with millions of pounds lost each year and to date the company never showing an annual profit (source companies house filed reports as of January 2024).
Their share prices tumbled by 75% in just 6 months to November 2018.

financial problems with velocity black concierge conicerge is it bankrupt

Velocity Black are reported to have raised $55.3M in funding to enter the concierge market as a digit solution.
They have subsequently burnt through most of their money in less than 10 years - with huge losses announced every single year they have been trading (source companies house filed reports as of January 2024) and an unsustainable balance sheet.


We care about our brand. It is in our best interest to make sure you succeed and you are equipped with the tools to do so.

Our model is one that works - a true partnership where we invest alongside you.

There are 3 simple steps to our model.

the cost of buying a sincura concierge franchise

Sincura International Franchise Partnership Initial License Cost

Your initial payment gives you the right to a Sincura region.
This gives you sole use of the Sincura name in that territory and to trade within the territory.

Example prices can be seen below:

Small Territory: £30,000

Medium Territory £40,000

Large territory: £50,000

Continent: £POA


the best lifestyle franchise on the market

Sincura International Franchise Partnership Setup Fee

We are committed to invest alongside to show our support of your busienss.
As a company it costs us £30,000 - £50,000 to set up a new territory.
We cover this cost to match your initial investment.

This means both parties have invested the same amount.

Your setup fee investment: £0

Sincura's setup fee investment £30,000 - £50,000



how much will it cost to set up a concierge business

Sincura International Franchise Partnership Ongoing fees

You do not pay any further fees to Sincura for 9 months.
This ensures all monies you make are retained by you to grow the company to stage where it is sustainable.

Once profitable you pay Sincura a small fee based on your turnover/profits to cover our support and the infrastructure of your service
You are returned the same value back in ownership of the global brand.

By you having an ownership of the global brand if means all companies are incentivised to grow the brand and rewarded when it is sold.

What you get as an International Franchise Partner

As a Sincura partner office you will manage your own region with the support and facilities of a multi-award winning global company for sharing information, partnerships, knowledge and requests.

You will receive a full support hub to ensure your success and be part of the Sincura family.

sincura are the fastest growing concierge company

i am interested in launching a concierge

sincura franchis will help you launch your concierge business with your own website

Sincura Franchise: Concierge Website

your won concierge website with sincura franchise

You will receive your own website, linked from all sincura related websites, and have facilities to maintain your site and update local information, and services.
Our suite of tools, traning, and IT department will also provide SEO solutions to ensure it becomes the #1 concierge website in your region.


sincura franchise will supply your own concierge email addresses

Sincura Franchise: Email Addresses

set up email addresses for your conciereg franchise office

You will receive your own Sincura email addresses for all your staff plus general emails to your office.
You will also have generic (or shared) email addresses which include a dedicated members’ line, account, legal, tickets, and info.
These are used across the Sincura Group with the relevant office managing the requests.

sincura franchise will supply your own concierge brochures and branding deck tailored to you

Sincura Franchise: Client Brochures

create brochures for your concierge company with sincura franchises

You have access to company brochures, templates, business cards, and branding guidelines


Sincura Franchise: Technology & CRM

sincura franchise conciereg technology and crm

Most concierge companies use off-the-shelf Customer Relationship Management systems such as Salesforce to manage their client requests.
Understanding the intricacies and unique nature of the industry, we quickly realised that we would need a bespoke solution. We decided to do things differently and develop our own unique systems, built for our requirements, rather than us working to the systems’ requirements.
They took 4 years to develop and constantly evolve to our needs.

The systems allow us to log, categorise, manage and process requests quicker than anyone else, manage finances including sales and invoices, identify client behaviour, manage support and feedback, and generate reports for you.
The system are secure and scale-able and branded to your needs including the systems, phone apps, emails.
In 2019, The Sincura Group were awarded a research and development grant for the continued development of our technology as an industry leading and innovative concierge management system.

Any company trying to build their own CRM will spend millions to reach the level of Sincura's, and you will recieve this for free.


artificial intelligenece and behaviour modelling in the concierge and lifestyle industry

Sincura Franchise: Client analysis & reporting

sincura franchise analysis and reporting suite for concierge members

Understanding our clients is key to providing them with a premium service tailored to their preferences. This in turn results in strong customer relationships, the highest client retention rate in the industry and new sales through positive word-of-mouth recommendation.

Our reporting suite and analysis enables us to understand and monitor usage of the service.
We record all requests, trends, and commissions to better understand what members are looking at, engagement levels, interests and request patterns. It also allows us to subset the data dependent upon needs; including peer to peer comparison.
For our white label clients, it allows you to understand your clients – useful for anything from where to market to running promotions based on their interests.

The system has a proven hugely effectiveness.

As original incumbent Concierge for Revolut, Sincura received less than 0.01% negative feedback with live Revolut Client requests.
The current incumbent, a company 10 times larger with huge resources, have received more than 5% negative feedback with live Revolut Client requests.


launch your own concierge service with sincura franchise

Sincura Franchise: AI and Behaviour modelling

buy an AI based concierge franchise

Understanding our clients is key to providing them with a good service, which in turn results into strong customer relationships and new sales through positive word-of-mouth recommendation.

Our behaviour analysis suite enables us to understand and monitor usage of the service. We record all requests, trends, and commissions to better understand what members are looking at, engagement levels, interests and request patterns.

We are the only concierge on the market with such evolved Artificial Intelligence - it also allows us to subset the data dependent upon needs; including peer to peer comparison.


what is the best franchise company

Sincura Franchise: Publishing tool

launching a global concierge with sincura

Understanding our clients is key to providing them with a good service, which in turn results into strong customer relationships and new sales through positive word-of-mouth recommendation.

Our behaviour analysis suite enables us to understand and monitor usage of the service. We record all requests, trends, and commissions to better understand what members are looking at, engagement levels, interests and request patterns.

We are the only concierge on the market with such evolved Artificial Intelligence - it also allows us to subset the data dependent upon needs; including peer to peer comparison.


enjoy global partnerships with a sincura franchise

Sincura Franchise: Global Partnerships and Venue/Partner directory

launching a global concierge with sincura

We have a database of restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs, spas, and other venues that anyone in our global offices can look up and find a venue and contact details.

We can look at our partners we work with, from football grounds to airlines, and immediately contact the right people.


how to get new clients with your concierge business

Sincura Franchise: Lead generation and new clients

launch a concierge company in dubai

With over 40,000 leads in our system you can search for any venue name and pull up contacts and leads for that venue


launch a concierge in china or hong kong with sincura franchise

Sincura Franchise: Data Store

how to launch a concierge company

We have over 100,00 requests stored and categorised in our system.

You can search for any historic and see answers to that request – plus feedback and rankings from clients.


how to attract new clients for your concierge company

Sincura Franchise: Press, PR & Marketing

launch a concierge in usa

Our Press publisher allowing you to release articles directly to all the major press publications.

It also allows you to reach out to over 25,000 brands and PR agencies for sponsorship and partnerships and updates you on the latest contacts with the press.

You can also have use of our global reach with over 40,000 monthly hits on our website and 115,000 subscribers to our newsletters.


howe to launch your own concierge company

Sincura Franchise: Global News Service

launch a concierge company in switzerland with sincura franchise

As a franchise owner you can utilise our hige database of up to the minute news on the best events, arts, entertainment, offers, benefits and privileges available to members worldwide.

Our newsletter facility allows you to manage all of your newsletters to your client list.

The Sincura Template allows you to elegantly create your newsletter, contact management for maintaining your distribution lists and the ability to schedule and send unlimited newsletters.

You can also use the travel, restaurants, tickets, events and film newsletters created by our own news team each month to tail them to your audience.


Sincura Franchise: City Guides

launch a concierge company in switzerland with sincura franchise

Sincura have 600 city guides, written in 15 languages, for your disposal.



Sincura Franchise: Payment and Accounting Systems

payment systems and accOunt for concierge business with sincura franchise

You will receive all the tools to manage your company finances to:
• Raise new invoices
• Manage the status of invoices
• Manage sales
• See member fees and overviews
• Breakdown sales per client
• See client value and profitability
• See company profits and losses
• See financial trends
• Manage company overheads



Sincura Franchise: Branding

setting up brand guidelines for your business

You will receive a full branding deck to include our company fonts, colours and presentation guidelines.

You will also be given banners for emails and letter templates / business cards.



Sincura Franchise: Social Media

buy a concierge or lifestyle company

Social media accounts including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, plus our guidelines for posting.

Should you wish to launch your own Sincura magazine we have template documents that you can have.

lifestyle company in dubai

Sincura Franchise: Celebrity Handbook

launch a concierge in saud arabia or dubai with sincura international partnerships

Our celebrity handbook giving you access to thousands of celebrities, business owners, agents, and influencers.

quintessentially franchise

Sincura Franchise: Staff training and global support

staff training for the concierge industry

Starting any business is daunting, but we will support you every step of the way to ensure you are successful.

You will have an account manager on-hand, full training, access to our global partners, and support from London and all other partner offices.

It has proved the most successful franchise/partnership programme on the market with all of our partner offices making profits within 12 months.

We also run a successful staff exchange programme where a selection of your local staff will join the London office for training and our staff will join your office.


As a franchise owner you will have access to Sincura's multi-award winning service - and a team with hundreds of combined experience opening doors the most prestigious venues, events and goods to support you and your clients.

sincura concierge franchise restaurant reservations sincura franchise foir travel services sincura franchise for tickets sincura franchise for clubs and nightlife sincura franchise for house and domestic services sincura comncierge franchise family services sincura lifestyle franchise for sourcing luxury goods buy a car franchise buy a health and wellbeing franchise franchise for unique experiences and bucket list travel event managemtn franchise with sincura openb a hotel franchise financial services franchise with sincura launch a business franchise

Your members have access to thousands of exclusive benefits and privileges with the best hotels, restaurants, clubs, spas, luxury products, and practical services across the globe.

You will be able to offer the most extensive range of services in the market all under one roof - from day 1.

Plus you can promote the fact you are a multi-award winning concierge from day 1 and use the Sincura name and goodwill that comes wiht it.

Explore our most popular services below:

learn about the sincura white label services

Technology Driven

Sincura is regarded as the most technologically advanced concierge in the world, supporting our expert team with systems to ensure that our award-winning service remains one step ahead of our competitors.

Our technology allows us to work highly efficiently, and not only compete against, but outperform companies ten times the size with ten times as many staff.

We believe that your working practices should not be dictated by your software, but instead that your software should be tailored to your business to meet all of your needs.

Developed over 6 years, our custom in-house CRM has grown into the most advanced system on the market, acknowledged by Sincura’s winning a breakthrough research and development grant in 2019.

Our technology supports our staff to ensure that your journey with us is second to none, and we lead the market when it comes to quality of replies, response times, and understanding your needs better than anyone else.

As a franchise holder you will have your own CRM and full access to all the technology at your disposal.

sincura i technology supports our concierge services

learn about sincura technology - it concierge solutions

After 2 years' of development and costing over £200,000, the Sincura app brings our award-winning services to your fingertips. Our app ensures that you make the most of life’s most precious commodity: your time.

The Sincura app gives you access to our private messaging system, enabling you to chat to us in confidence with your dedicated Concierge Manager and request the specific services you need. From making reservations, organising travel, sourcing exclusive goods, and organising access to events, you can connect directly with our concierge team through the app, letting you take our exceptional services to every corner of the world.

As a franchise holder you will have your own app for your members to bring the service to your tips of your client's fingers.

the best concierge app on the market by sincura

Created for you

We are very proud of the Sincura Concierge service. We continue to lead the industry with our quality of replies and response times.

All requests are managed by members of our expert team, 24/7, across our worldwide offices.

see feedback and reviews about the sincura group concierge

Other concierges boast that they will acknowledge your concierge request within 3 hours. But we don’t believe that’s good enough. With Sincura, it takes on average less than 2 minutes for you to receive an acknowledgement that your request has been received, viewed, loaded into our system, and allocated to an expert member of the team to start working on. We close 30% of requests within 10 minutes, over 60% within 2 hours, and 99% within 1 business day.

In the same time it takes other concierges to acknowledge your request for a restaurant reservation, with us you should be booked in, sitting down, and enjoying the dinner we have organised for you.

sincura are rated rated excellent on trustpilot

Sincura are rated by you as "excellent" on Trustpilot.
We are the most decorated concierge and lifestyle company in the world.
We are the only concierge to openly publish clients' feedback.

But don't take our word for it - read our feedback from clients.

see sincura reviews and feedback



☎️ 0203 148 2655

The Sincura Group is dedicated to making the world a better place.

As a company we donate part of all monies we receive, be it through memberships, tickets & hospitality, experiences, or events, back into the youth of today to support their lives and their future prospects.

Through enriching your lives, we are also enriching so many more, from re-uniting incorrectly orphaned children with their biological parents to funding sports stars of the future. We thank you for your continued support on our mission.

View the latest news and blog posts from Sincura as a company