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We provide unique lifestyle management and bespoke concierge services. Our members and their families enjoy worldwide access to exclusive tickets, extraordinary events and unforgettable experiences.

The Sincura Group Concierge was founded on three simple principles:

Being the best connected, our global contacts allow us to obtain the unobtainable
Offering a private and personal one-to-one service to our members
Being fair to our clients by offering the best priced concierge service on the market

We are voted London's leading concierge company and have key partnerships worldwide. 2017 will see us open up franchise opportunities around the world. 

As a franchise owner you will be able to launch and run your concierge company using an award- winning name, our many partners, our infrastructure and our highly experienced staff to assist you as required. 


Sincura members have access to thousands of benefits and privileges with the best hotels, restaurants, clubs, spas, luxury products and practical services across the globe. Our most popular services include:

1.. Tickets and events (Our tickets and events team have two mission statements, to be able to source any ticket for any event and to be able to beat any market prices. We now supply tickets for some 180 hotel concierges, credit card companies and corporate and private clients. We are in the primary market; we are the providers of ticket agencies and were chosen as the ticket partner for the London Olympics. We manage the tickets, look after the artists and produce the events putting us in an enviable position to provided tickets at unbeatable prices)

a. Client hospitality packages 

b. Film and theatre

i. Cannes Film Festival / ii. London Film Festival / iii. Latest Film Premieres
iv. Oscars
v. BAFTA Awards

c. Fashion

i. London Fashion Week
ii. Paris Fashion Week
iii. Milan Fashion Week
iv. New York Fashion Week
v. Latest fashion launches

d. Music

i. Leading music festivals around the world
ii. leading music connects around the world
iii. Music award ceremonies

e. Sports

i. Football
ii. Athletics and Olympics
iii. Horse Racing
iv. Tennis 
v. Motorsports
vi. Cricket
vii. Rugby
viii. American Football
ix. Basketball
x. Polo
xi. Baseball
xii. Boxing

f. Society

i. Balls and Galas
ii. Celebrity events
iii  Award ceremonies
iv Exclusive society events

g. What's on

i. Brings up a calendar of worldwide events over the coming months

2.. Travel (Our travel team is here to build your perfect holiday. With our worldwide partnerships we can ensure the Sincura VIP experience is carried with you on your travels. Enjoy local insider knowledge and itinerary building, use of airport lounges, preferential rates with our partner airlines, upgrades at hotels, use of our international car service, access to the finest restaurants and nightlife along with tickets to the most exclusive events from Monaco Grand Prix to Cannes Film Festival. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a unique travel service to customers; we will see your holiday through from the booking to the coming back stage - a truly personal service! Headed up by Olivia, our team of travel consultants work with hundreds of destinations whether it be a once in a lifetime trip, a family holiday or a weekend away. We offer you the best financial protection in the industry and we are fully covered by ATOL.)

a. Flights

i. Business travel
ii. Check up-to-date flight times
iii. Book flights
iv. Book airport lounges

b. Hotels

i. Book Hotels and enjoy VIP treatment
ii. Book long stay accommodations - serviced apartments and property rental

c. Cars and Chauffeurs

i. Book chauffeur service
ii. Book car hire
iii. Parking

d. Holidays

i. Search on holiday destinations based on city, budget, duration of stay and likes/dislikes
ii. Check weather and local destination reports
iii. Itinerary building

e. Visas

i. Request Visas
ii. Local embassy news

f. VIP services

i. Local Hosts, personal protection, personal assistants

3.. Food (We pride ourselves on our exceptional knowledge of the world's gastronomic scene. Our highly skilled team which includes former Michelin Maître-d's and food critics remain up-to-date with the latest launches, menu changes and popular hotspots. Our members can enjoy VIP services from priority table bookings with little or no notice to exclusive experience including chef's tables and kitchen tours)

a. VIP bookings at exclusive and hard-to-get restaurants

b. read reviews and recommendations and learn off the latest restaurant hotspots

4. Nightlife (We hold relationships with the most exclusive clubs and private member venues internationally. We work with the owners and the decision makers to ensure that you and your guests receive the very best treatment including access to those inaccessible venues, complimentary access for you and your guests, table bookings and VIP entry with no queuing.)

a. Organise your nightlife

b. read reviews and recommendations and learn of the latest evening hotspots 

5. Shopping (Our team of shoppers can help with that must-have gift from a Hermes handbag to that rare Rolex. Our style consultant can keep you in the latest trends and find that perfect outfit. The Sincura Fashion Team holds unrivalled relationships in the world of fashion and shopping. We work with leading couture houses and PR agencies to ensure access to label launches, catwalks and exclusive events. our contacts are second-to-none and from Harvey Nichols to Harrods, we hold relationships with major department stores for exclusive VIP shopping experiences. Furthermore 2014 saw ud appointed concierge and VIP managers for Covent Garden London.)

a. Staff gifts and rewards 

b. Source exclusive gifts (e.g. Hermes handbag)

c. Personal shopping services

d. Private shopping at leading worldwide stores (e.g. Chanel, or Harrods)

e. Invitations to exclusive events 

6. Health and beauty (We keep ourselves updated with all the very best spa's, trainers, salons and health clubs catering for both men and women alike. Members can make use of our unique relationships with priority bookings, complimentary memberships and trials, discounts and VIP services. Our members are also invited to exclusive brand launches and private showcase evenings)

a. Massages

b. Gyms and private trainers

c. Spas

d. Doctor, Dental and Medical services

7. Experiences ( Have you ever wanted to train with a premiership football club, play tennis against Boris Becker, trade punches with Amir Khan, kick goals with Michael Lynagh or bowl at Graham Gooch? Maybe you want front row seats at Paris Fashion Week or backstage passes to meet your favourite band?

How about having a Michelin starred chef cook in your kitchen, drive against the Stig at Silverstone or partying with Elton John, maybe dining with royalty at Windsor Castle is more your thing, or being your own lord of the manor, or learning magic wit David Blaine if you want to get away. Why not be a herdsman and join the annual round of the reindeer in lapland or train as an astronaut with the Russian space programme.

As well as these popular services, we offer a number of other services including:

Education: from finding private tutors to help with entrance to university.
- Domestic: from laundry services and cleaners to house sitters and dog walkers while members are on holiday.
- Property services: from sourcing international properties to short term letting.
- Financial services: from managing portfolios to financial advisers
- Event management: from simple birthday parties to large scale weddings


sincura members

Our members typically have the following characteristics

High net worth (with an assumed salary of 150k+ a year and over £1million+ of assets for entry level into our company.
- Cash rich and time poor
- Typically ged 30 - 55
- Men and women 60:40 split
- Many have PA's who we support
- In high powered jobs and have risen to the top of their industry. Includes business people, entrepreneurs, celebrities, sports stars and royals

The one thing that all our members share is that they are looking for access to venues and service that they do not have direct access to.

MEMBERShip levels

We offer the Following membership levels

Film Club 

The Film Club is a hub for all things to do with the red carpet, whether it be the latest news from the red carpet or the best access and tickets to film premieres.


Aimed for those members that want access to the most exclusive tickets and to attend the leading events. Benefits include access to VIP-only tickets, your own dedicated Tickets Concierge Manager for sourcing tickets at trade prices, latest news and offers before the public. Plus you will receive a special events diary at the start of each month with over 300 of the most exclusive events in your city - from fashion and restaurant launches to music and sport.


The Sincura Chrome membership is tailored toward members that would like a full concierge service with their own dedicated Lifestyle Manager, giving the member a personalised, one-to-one experience. Your manager will be available from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (out of hours subject to request). They will be at hand for organising your private and social life, from restaurants, travel and nightlife bookings, to family and domestic services.

Chrome elite 

The Sincura Chrome Elite membership is aimed at members who need ‘that little bit extra’. You will receive your own Dedicated Chrome Elite Lifestyle Manager giving you more of a personal one-to-one experience. Your manager will be available to you for 24 hours a day, they will then initially discuss with you how to move forward regarding your schedule and sculpt a perfect scenario that works best for you.


The Sincura Ghost membership is the most in-depth and exclusive concierge membership available anywhere in the world. You cannot simply join this membership level, you need to be an existing chrome elite member. Twice a year our board meet to select eligible members who are invited to upgrade to the Ghost Membership and enjoy the incredible benefits associated with it. 


The single most important asset in any business is people - be it your staff or clients. However, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit, motivate and retain quality staff and clients in this market and a work/life balance has become a key 21st century.

White label

Every company in the service industry, no matter how big or small would benefit from their concierge. Very few have the resources, expertise or structure to implement this in-house. That is why we offer our White-label concierge service to provide our award winning service to your staff, clients and guests under your company name. As a White-label concierge client you can enjoy the following benefits::

Your own dedicated phone number and email addresses 
- Branded membership cards, welcome packs, newsletters and literature
- Dedicated concierge staff; either onsite or remote
- An account and service manager plus monthly reports and behavioural statistics of your clients
Carefully created, branded and managed website


owning a franchise

As a franchise owner you will manage your own region plus have the support and facilities of a worldwide company for sharing information, knowledge and requests.

You will be provided with the following:

1. your own website with the facility to add local information 

2. your own Sincura email addresses - for all you're staff plus general emails to your office. You will also have generic (or shared) email addresses which include a dedicated members' line, account, legal, tickets and info. These are used across the Sincura Group with the relevant office managing the requests

3. region specific brochures which include:
i. Sincura Tickets brochure
ii. Sincura Concierge brochure
iii. Client code of conduct and house rules

4. Call management and back-office systems for logging and actioning requests both locally and globally 
i. Logging and sending client requests
ii. Creating and managing staff tasks
iii. Loading and updating live members and member enquires
iv. Managing a staff database
v. Loading requests for tickets
vi Loading and searching for partners
vii Document portal with logos, images, brochures, terms and conditions, invoice templates, credit card payment gateways, procedures and newsletters
ix  Any other information the franchisor believes will be necessary or helpful to franchisee in franchisee's operation of the franchised business


sincura concierge and technology revolut

software for concierge srvrices to understand and analyse their behaviour

concierge crm and analytics system learn about your clients likes and dislikes

5. Our publishing service for elegantly displayed documents including newsletters, quarterly calendars, service lists, proposals and such like..

6. Up to the minute news on the best events, arts, entertainment, offers, benefits and privileges available to members worldwide. our newsletter facility allows you to manage all of your newsletters to your client list. The Sincura Template allows you to elegantly create your newsletter, contact management for maintaining your distribution lists and the ability to schedule and send unlimited newsletters. You can also use the travel, restaurants, tickets, events and film newsletters created by our own news team each month to tail them to your audience.

7. Press publisher allowing you to release articles directly to all the major press publications. it also allows you to reach out to over 25,000 brands and PR agencies for sponsorship and partnerships.

8. Online payment systems. Our online registrations system allows you to manage your memberships and payments. It is fully customisable and can be set to take a monthly standing order, or one of payments. It also has a full reporting facility. We also have a system for taking and immediately clearing credit card transactions if you need immediate access to funds. 

9. Templates will be sent for the Sincura Group business cards, along with example cards sent to you in the post (as part of the franchise welcome pack)

10. A full branding deck to include our company fonts, colours and presentation guidelines. You will also be given banners for emails and letter templates.

11. Access to a London call centre to help manage and redirect your calls.

12. Our celebrity handbook giving you access to the agents of thousands of celebrities plus the latest events and celebrity news

13. Social media accounts including youtube, twitter, Facebook - plus our guidelines for posting. You will ask have template documents for our magazine should you wish to launch your own.

14. Full reporting systems for understanding your clients and our behaviour analytics.

Knowing your clients is key to developing your services. And no-one can do it like us - our complicated algorithms give in insight into your clients' behaviour from the types of requests they log, to identifying your good and bad clients.

Knowing your customer is key for any business endeavour. This is especially true when releasing a banking card open to the masses. How do you know who your good client are? How do you know who to target for campaigns, where to advertise your brand, how to build trust and loyalty, if you don't know much about your clients and their behaviour? Each month you will receive a complex report about the behaviour of your clients, so you can better understand your client. This is where we can help - our concierge technology and Artificial Intelligence is the most advanced on the market, giving an insight into where your clients holiday, what they do in their spare time, where they eat, drink and stay overnight. We can identify key brands that traits and identify those clients that are key to your brand, and identify the best ways to both attract new clients and reward the current ones. We can look at your members' as a whole, or an individual member.. We can quickly tell history of each member, the number of requests they make, how many they actually complete on, and their spend levels (ie are they booking the Ritz or the Holiday Inn). It allows us to really quickly understand the client and tailor our responses to them

sincura concierge behaviour analytics and data modelling

data and client beahviour reports with concierge service

client reporting with sincura concierge request management system

15. An initial pack of membership cards will be sent to you in the post (as part of the franchise welcome pack). These will be personally printed and tailored to your requirements for sending to your members

16. An example membership pack will be sent to you in the post (as part of the franchise welcome pack). This is the welcome pack sent to members when they join and includes their membership card, membership wallet, brochures, calendar and the house rules. We will help you create you own membership pack.

You will be appointed a franchise manager to help you implement and run your office ably supported by our operational and technology teams.

You will also be part of a community with 24 hour support, including out of hours call handling. You will be invited to regular events worldwide to meet other owners and share ideas and knowledge.


best concierge app on the market

December 2019 sees the launch of our concierge app which is set to be the most advanced concierge app on the market. All credit card clients will have a version of this app, rebranded for them, for their members' use.

The Sincura Concierge app has been in development for 9 months now and will be released in December 2019. When developing our app we looked at our competitor apps and ran months of analysis and tests through them. We don't believe they work correctly or efficiently. For example, we enlisted the help of 5 premium banking clients who all had vastly different profiles - from their wealth, to their likes, to their age, to their localities. The app should have known this and presented answers, offers and promotions tuned to them. But it didn't. Our app is different, it comes with in-built reporting, behaviour monitors, and watches the clients using the app to understand what they are reading, what they are engaging with, and build us a profile from their eyes.

the most advanced concierge app on the market

sincura concierge app for latest offers and news and rewards

In 2019 The Sincur Group were awarded a research and development grant for the continued development of our  technology as an industry leading and innovative concierge management system.


All new franchise owners are offered one weeks training in being a concierge by following our UK team. Here they attend meetings and are introduced to how we introduce the company to clients. They will also receive training on all the technologies available to them. We also offer regular Skype calls and your account manager will visit your franchise every six months.


One-off fee to purchase your franchise in the region. This gives you exclusive rights within your region to run and manage your license. This fee varies on a number of factors including the size of the region and rage from £10,000 to £50,000. One-off setup fee for all regions which is £5,000. This is to create your website, email addresses, CRM system, brochures, business cards tailored to your franchise.

Commission payments of 8% of your gross income. this will reduce each year by 1% to a minimum of 5%. This will be paid quarterly from statements.

Each franchisee will receive a commission for any further franchisee's they introduce to our company.

In an independat review from March 2019, Revolut Concierge (supplied by The Sincura Group) was voted the best credit card concierge beating the likes of AMEX, HSBC Premium, RBS and Barclaycard.

read the review of sincura ten lifestyle quintessentially amex concierges

While other concierges boasted that they will acknowledge a request within 3 hours – we didn’t believe that’s was good enough. On average it took less than 2 minutes for a client to receive an email acknowledging that their request has been received, viewed, loaded and allocated to an expert to start working on. We closed over 50% of requests within 10 minutes, 80% within 3 hours and 99% within 1 business day. In fact, in the same time that other concierge services would take to reply to your message we would have the clients sat in their restaurant enjoying their meal organised by us. We openly publish the Revolut feedback as we are so proud of what our clients are saying about us. We are the only concierge confident enough to do this and be judged by our clients. You can read the comments people leave for us - click below to see more.

revolut feedback sincura

Contact us

For more information and to register your interest please contact Tony Baxter (Director of the Franchise business) on either Tony@thesincuragroup.com or 0844 854 9220