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The next Paris Fashion Week will be January/February 2023, which will include shows from the big boys - Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy - who will exhibit their collections in iconic Parisian locations such as the Grand Palais or the Espace Eiffel while the smaller fish are left with less high-profile, but often cooler, locations such as nightclubs and warehouses.


Menswear from Tuesday, January 17 to Sunday, January 22 2023

Haute Couture from Monday, January 23 to Thursday, January 26 2023

Womenswear from Monday, February 27 to Tuesday, March 7 2023

Menswear from Tuesday, June 20 to Sunday, June 25 2023

Haute Couture from Monday, July 3 to Thursday, July 6 2023

Womenswear from Monday, September 26 to Tuesday, October 4 2023

Paris Fashion Week is back and we are delighted to offer tickets to some of the most sought after catwalk shows on the planet.

One of the "Big 4", Paris Fashion Week has the honour of hosting the finale of every bi-annual fashion fest that takes place in the city. The big boys - Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy - exhibit their collections in iconic Parisian locations such as the Grand Palais or the Espace Eiffel while the smaller fish are left with less high-profile, but often cooler, locations such as nightclubs and warehouses.

Below are the ticket allocation we currently have access to through our suppliers, along with the show dates and prices. Please note tickets are very limited - and we need to submit your details (copy of passport and bio) to the fashion houses for approval.

As with many events like these, the exact dates of each show are released closer to the time of the event.

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book tickets and packages for the christian dior paris fashion week show. VIP and Luxury and Bespoke.


Taking place on 27.09.22

Maria Grazia Chiuri delved back into the extensive Dior archives for spring 22, and to Marc Bohan’s long tenure with the storied house. Zeroing in even further, Grazia Chiuri turned to the Slim Look collection, presented in 1961.

At the time of its release, the press said, "It completely changes fashion, just as the New Look did in 1947." The show took place on a graphic, color-blocked set conceived by artist Anna Paparatti. The looks themselves followed that colorful spirit—leveraging yellow, green, red, navy, orange, and raspberry on little skirt suits, along fun, fringe dresses inspired by the iconic Roman nightclub, the Piper Club. There was also a range of bright, boxing-inspired looks; bold prints, like that found on a silk maxi skirt paired with a sheer black blouse; and louche denim suiting.

Overall, the collection was inspired by … nonsense? As the show notes explained, Grazia Chiuri looked to Anna Paparatti’s Il Gioco del Nonsense (The Game of Nonsense). Nonsense, as the American poet and literary critic Susan Stewart saw it, is "perfect, pure, an untouched surface of meaning whose every gesture is reflexive." Maybe something a little like boxing?

book tickets and packages for the Balenciaga paris fashion week show. VIP and Luxury and Bespoke.


Taking place on 02.10.22

Balenciaga introduced a new version of reality to fashion week. In lieu of a spring 2022 show, celebs, models and guests all arrived to the Théâtre du Châtelet and walked the red carpet. Naomi Campbell and Amber Valletta strutted alongside Cardi B, plus the regular cast of models.

The audience was, in fact, the show, as industry insiders sat inside and watched the arrivals on a big screen. But it didn't take long for everyone to realize that this was all building up for a real premiere that spanned more than just a fashion show. The brand screened an episode of The Simpsons, complete with Homer, Marge, Bart and more decked out wearing the brand's signature looks. Demna Gvasalia even made an appearance, along with other Balenciaga employees, as cartoon versions of themselves in the episode.

As for the collection itself, there were all the Balenciaga signatures —oversized denim, head-to-toe prints, and graphic accessories included. The concept proved that it is indeed possible to do an arresting and memorable show that goes beyond a traditional runway or straight-forward video in a post-pandemic world.

book tickets and packages for the Chanel paris fashion week show. VIP and Luxury and Bespoke.


Taking place on 04.10.22

The bathing suit as top reached its apotheosis at Chanel, where the itsy bitty bikinis seen on many runways this season were worn with with the maison’s signature bouclé miniskirts.

“I used to love the sound of flashbulbs going off at the shows in the eighties, when the models were on a raised runway,” Virginie Viard said in her show notes of the collection’s sexy, athletic vibe. “I wanted to recapture that emotion.” High-cut maillots in gold or white with black trimmings were accompanied by big shopper bags that made for the ultimate beach-luxe pairing.

Short dresses in pink or mauve tweed, jackets embellished with multicolor crochet, and floaty black chiffon maxi dresses and skirts with big, colorful butterfly prints added further notes of glamorous escapism.

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book tickets and packages for the alexandre vauthier paris fashion week show. VIP and Luxury and Bespoke.


Taking place on 30.09.22

Vauthier is known and loved by many, including the likes of Beyoncé, Miley, and Rihanna for his showstopping party looks. At first glance, a dance-til-you-drop jersey dress covered in blue-tinged crystals might appear like a little nothing, but it is cleverly engineered like a poncho with a bodysuit inside (“otherwise you might as well throw on a tablecloth,” Vauthier quipped).

Scanty though some items might appear on the hanger, Vauthier said he made a point of taking all kinds of morphologies, countries, and types of women into account in his proportions. Among the contenders in the inclusiveness category: a white jersey day dress, a belted dress made of T-shirt cotton, and a black dress in stretch knit with a handkerchief hem. A handful of fringed numbers anchored by macramé, a strapless party dress in black sequins trimmed with ostrich feathers, and a handful of deceptively simple “beach dresses” for evening all looked ready for their close-up

book tickets and packages for the Schiaparelli paris fashion week show. VIP and Luxury and Bespoke.


Taking place on 29.09.22

There’s a new Schiaparelli shop-in-shop at Bergdorf Goodman in New York to christen. Roseberry’s giddy embrace of house founder Elsa Schiaparelli’s surreal aesthetic is red carpet gold, where more is always more. The bolder his haute couture creations have become, the bigger the celebrity coups. Who can forget the sight of Bella Hadid at the Cannes Film Festival this July in a daring plunge-front dress with only gold lungs covering her bare breasts?

Will the ready-to-wear that Bella watchers and otherwise curious Schiap shoppers encounter at Bergdorf’s be as cheeky? You better believe it. “People are coming to us as an alternative to the mass luxury houses,” said Roseberry. “They’re looking for something really strong.” So that’s what he’s prepared for spring. Schiaparelli’s Place Vendôme salons were organized by room, and first up was Roseberry’s wildly imaginative bijoux of body parts—ears, nose, eyes, lips, pierced nipples, and so on—and leather bags embellished with the same. His exaltation of the human form also took the shape of a gold-dipped resin bib molded from a model’s torso and suspended from a chain. He suggests wearing it solo under jackets, like a Gen Z dickey.

How surreal does it get? There’s an inflatable black leather bolero and matching belt, as well as an inflatable parka, complete with air valves; a fitted knit dress with raised details in the form of Salvador Dalí’s famous rib cage dress; and cone bras à la Gaultier every which way: in leather, denim, and silk arranged in swirls like the petals of a flower. The vibe, Roseberry said, was “David Lynch holiday.” Tailoring and outerwear, meanwhile, were classically cut, but treated to all manner of gilded body part baubles. “Nobody wants the black jackets without the nipples,” he noted.

Many of the cocktail numbers had their beginnings in the couture, including a pair of sublimely draped black silk charmeuse dresses suspended from gold chokers. A cropped but boxy bolero with outsize lapels had a different starting point, Roseberry said. It was based on the jacket he made for playwright Jeremy O. Harris to wear to the Tonys last month. The words Schiap Hotel were stitched around the hem of a densely embellished bathrobe. Now that’s an idea; there’d be plenty of takers for a couple of hallucinatory days and nights in Roseberry’s world. Maybe Cardi B among them. Her appearance at Schiap headquarters yesterday caused quite a stir.

book tickets and packages for the Givenchy paris fashion week show. VIP and Luxury and Bespoke.


Taking place on 02.10.22

Like Jamiroquai in Center Stage, designer Matthew Williams has canned heat in his latest collection. That's partly a metaphor—the label's buzz was steady enough to lure millions to their livestream—and partly literal, as a row of Givenchy-branded gas tanks just hit their Paris runway. They were painted by the American artist Josh Smith, who called his recent gallery show "Emo Jungle" and transferred his signature imagery—including a groovy grim reaper and wavy white bones—onto Givenchy knitwear.

Then there were gowns, veiled like mist at the bottom, or spangled with paillettes to “explore the tension between extravagance and discipline,” according to the show notes. And Williams turned Jack-o-Lanterns into gilded, ghoul-faced purses—a cool subversion of Cinderella's pumpkin, as well as a wink to the internet's obsession with #SpookySeason.

There was so much to look at, but only one thing we'd nix: a few silver collars that mirrored the knots of a noose. Tragedies aren't trends, and anyway, Williams doesn't need shock tactics. As this collection proves, he already knows how to earn the public's attention.

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book tickets and packages for the Louis Vuitton paris fashion week show. VIP and Luxury and Bespoke.


Taking place on 04.10.22

Vuitton called this collection, “an invitation to le grand bal of time.” Tonight, the show notes claim, “time is of no consequence.” While certainly a storied brand in the luggage business for generations, LV does not have the extensive clothing archives other big name Parisian houses have. So when Nicolas Ghesquière takes a trip back through the ages it is through his own particular lens. And there are nods to other eras—oversized ’80s tux jackets, flowing hippie dresses that might have made Stevie Nicks swoon in the ’70s.

But then there are sparkling party dresses with interesting skirting that seems to jut out from the model's body that feel if not so right now, then perhaps futuristic. There are also hits of denim and polka dots in a stark black and white palette — but don’t get it twisted. This isn’t a serious matter, these are clothes with a joyful disposition. It’s about “a vibrant flow of style. The night will be all the more beautiful,” the notes continue. And so it is.

book tickets and packages for the Yohji Yамамото paris fashion week show. VIP and Luxury and Bespoke.


Taking place on 30.09.22

It was 40 years ago this year that Yohji Yamamoto debuted on the Paris runway. Few designers let an anniversary of that magnitude go uncelebrated, but unlike many of his peers, Yamamoto is committed to his own point of view and unperturbed by the fluctuations of the industry. But at a spry 77 he’s not averse to change—or to humor. Speaking about his concerns around global warming after the show, he pointed to the collection’s short skirts. “It’s the first time I’ve done minis,” he said with a chuckle.

There were also open necklines and bare arms—the better to dress in hotter weather—and natural fibers like linen and cotton. Those fabrics gave the collection a more casual mien that usual, but the draping, twisting, tucking, and pleating that are the Yohji signatures were far from workaday. The opening dresses were elegant in their bias-cut asymmetry. Though they glided out on sneakers and other flat shoes, they could easily stand up to higher heels should the occasion require.

A group of black trenches followed. They were more orderly, but they weren’t conventional, with their short sleeves and dramatic storm flaps. Ever the contrarian, Yamamoto paired the minis with understated, rather plain button-downs. They were followed by a couple of shapely black-and-white jackets worn with stirrup leggings (both very now and very then) and a truly lovely series of dresses in cascades of expanding and collapsing draped volumes, some in mixed prints.

The show ended with a trio of models in hoop skirts with exposed undercarriages. They conjured a pair of collections from peak-era Yamamoto a little over 20 years ago, only where those hoop skirts were famously made with inflatable rafts or bamboo that looked light enough to float, these were crisscrossed with metal bars. We’re living through heavy times, but for the length of the show Yamamoto’s innate grace could make you forget.

book tickets and packages for the isabel marant paris fashion week show. VIP and Luxury and Bespoke.


Taking place on 29.09.22

A lot of designers in Paris seemed to have sun, sea, and skin on their minds, and Isabel Marant was no exception. Beachwear mixed with ready-to-wear in waves of barely-there crop tops, bikini tops worn over tiny tees, and high-waisted bathing suit bottoms paired with the kind of colorful shirts you might buy off the boardwalk or a sandy roadside shop in an exotic location.
But Marant is still the queen of French-girl cool, and it wouldn't be one of her collections without a dose of unexpected chic.
The low-slung baggy jeans, in faded florals and embellished acid wash, were the shining North Star in guiding the collection through the rocky sea of often ambiguous beach-inspired runway shows this season.

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book tickets and packages for the loewe paris fashion week show. VIP and Luxury and Bespoke.


Taking place on 30.09.22

"Neurotic, psychedelic, completely hysterical." Sounds like all of us these past couple of years, but it's actually Jonathan Anderson's take on spring 2022 for Loewe. If this feels like a turning point for the brand — one marked by experimentation, surrealism, and artfulness — that's because it is.

The designer looked to Mannerist Renaissance painter Pontormo, exploring notions of draping, sculpting, and color "by way of torsions, diversions and distortions," according to the show notes. Fabric was twisted and turned, jackets were worn backward and imbued with sequins, track pants were draped with yards of fabric, slim-fit dresses showcased protruding elements, and long gowns emanated from torsos cast in resin. It was a visual trip, and sometimes we didn't quite know exactly what we were seeing. Denim looks followed by a parade of party-ready pastel-accented dresses finished the show—taking this trip back into the real world, where a beautiful dress and a great bag remain hot commodities.

book tickets and packages for the Hermès paris fashion week show. VIP and Luxury and Bespoke.


Taking place on 01.10.22

Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski took guests on a journey for Hermès spring 2022. To start, the show took place inside an airport hangar, with a real jet landing behind the designer as she took her final bow. The brand showcased classic craftsmanship with an edge of cool. There were leather-trimmed shift dresses, cut loose and short.

Lush leather crop tops —and there were many —were paired with silk printed shorts. Platform sandals worn with matching leather socks echoed the designer’s modern take on luxe minimalism, as did the slouchy pants with the just-right paper bag waists.

Sure, all the codes of the house were there, but Vanhee-Cybulsk’s Hermès also appeals to those who like to get a little experimental, whether that means opting for a monochromatic leather mini set or a black leather halter top.

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book tickets and packages for the acne studios paris fashion week show. VIP and Luxury and Bespoke.


Taking place on 28.09.22

Acne Studios may be a go-to for grown-up denim, but here in Paris, the beloved Swedish brand is gunning for the youth vote. It's happening with super-sheer flutters and mega-platform sandals, along with peek-a-boob tops and exquisite embroidered corsets.

The brand said its latest collection is “a clash between hyper-realistic and historical references,” which might be a reference to the bonnets … or to the rave cave party clothes that harken way back to the '90s, which were—gasp—actually 30 years ago. And with that realization, we'll be hiding in Acne's new flame leather trench coat until further notice.

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book tickets and packages for the Miu Miu paris fashion week show. VIP and Luxury and Bespoke.


Taking place on 04.10.22

To put it plainly, Miuccia Prada knows what’s up. The fashion legend summoned a new class of starlets—Halle Bailey, Rowan Blanchard, Bella Poarch—and enrolled them in a 50-look masterclass on how to acknowledge trends, then defy the sh*t out of them.

She called the show “an exercise in referencing and researching reality, using the existing to create the new.” Translation: the Y2k trinity of abs + pelvic bone + designer logo was subverted into slashed khaki skirts, stiff cotton monograms, and '50s cocktail sheaths with boxer briefs skimming the hems. You could see the scrappy austerity and wild willfulness of high school uniforms gone wrong (or right?), and a way to define “newness” without discarding what's already in our closets.

We’ve all got oxford shirts and chinos from Before Times to revamp, right? But as usual with Miu Miu, the coolest moment was also the quietest: When Mrs. Prada took her runway bow, she kept her KN95 mask visible on her sleeve... and while the pointy-toed flats from this catwalk were A-level designs, the nod to science and reason was the ultimate status accessory.

book tickets and packages for the rick owens paris fashion week show. VIP and Luxury and Bespoke.


Taking place on 29.09.22

Yesterday in the Metaverse, Rick Owens dropped an NFT collection with rapper Tommy Cash. Today in Paris, things came back to flesh and blood, as Owens sent his wife (and muse, and business partner, and asteroid goddess) Michèle Lamy through the Palais de Tokyo in his opening look. The California artist called the collection "Fogachine," and sheer fabric swoops of black, gray, and red billowed in the wind like wildfire ash.

Behind the (literal) smoke and mirrors of the runway set, there were also laser-cut bodysuits that were barely—but beautifully—holding it all together. If Owens turns this whole runway show into GIFs and sells it with Bitcoin, there will be plenty of virtual takers. But why live in the cloud (or the clouds) when crystal spike heels and hoodie capelets bring some delicate glamour down to earth?

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