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Do you want to know what’s happening in your city? Do you want to be the first to know which restaurant, nightclub or venue is launching, when the latest films are being premiered, the fashion labels with new collections or private sales; or the hottest tickets in town. Well now you can; we work with thousands of brands and PR agents who keep us up to date with the latest insider knowledge, from where the celebrities will be to what they will be wearing. 

As well as monthly restaurants, tickets and travel newsletters you will receive a weekly what's-on newsletter and the uber-exclusive bible at the start of each month - with 100 pages of the best events happening in the coming month. From the worlds of arts, fashion, sports, travel and entertainment you can be privy to this information before anyone else with our newsletters.. If you love your film, VIP news members also receive news and offers from The Sincura Film Club giving you the latest news and events from the red carpet before the public plus access to exclusive film premieres, galas and private screenings.


(special offer of £5 + VAT per month - reduced from £30)


Monthly members' bible with the full events over the month (released on the 1st day of each month)
Weekly what's on (released every monday with the diary for the week ahead)
Tickets newsletter with the hottest tickets (released first Friday of month for the coming 2 months)
Restaurants newsletter with the latest restaurant launches (released 2nd Friday of each month)
Travel newsletter with the latest travel deals and destinations (released 4th Friday of each month):
The Sincura Film Club newsletter with the latest film premieres. screenings, galas and tickets (ad-hoc).

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