Effective media relations: what journalists want and how to deliver it. Tapping into the benefits the media can your company is easier said than done. Successful media relations require a combination of skill, resources, good relationships – and this is where our media team come in. Our relationships and results are second to none, and our media team hail form some of the largest newsroom (including the Telegraph and Sky).

Positive media coverage is a vital tool in helping you raise public awareness of an issue, highlight successes, campaign for change or build trust and confidence in their own operations and those of the sector more widely.
For a number of reasons, the sector as a whole is not always well understood by the public, nor always applauded for its work or its methods.

We will help you develop a media strategy which presents a consistent message that’s heard by the right people at the right time. Your media relations campaign will need to be integrated with your wider impact plan. The campaign plan need not be complicated but it needs to identify: 

- Key audiences: for example, if you are producing a new community festival then your audience are likely to include local residents, the restaurant trade, trade show magazine, city event guides, local newspapers, national newspaper food review sections.

- Key media: for example, local, regional, national, ethnic minority media, the specialist or trade press and professional organisations covering the issue.

- Key messages: ensuring your media work carries key messages relating to your overall objectives.

- Resources: budgets and staff available.

- The communication methods required: including feature placement, photo opportunities, drafting news releases, briefing journalists.

- Timescales and deadlines.

- How the campaign will be evaluated to measure its success.



Sincura Arts specialise in the uncovering and salvaging of rare artwork. We are the exhibitors behind the world most expensive collection of Banksy artworks ever assembled under one roff in 2014, and unearthed Banksy's most valuable street art piece "Slave Labour" in 2013.

Self-promoting through in-house PR, The Sincura Arts Club have featured in press including:

- UK: The Times, Guardian, Sun, Mirror, Financial Times, The Evening Standard, Sky News, BBC News, ITN News, The One Show, London Live, Reuters and Bloomberg

- American: ABC News, USA Today, CNN, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post and MSN

- International: Japan Today, Malaysian Times, The Malay Mail, The Gulf Times plus inflight magazines, The West Australian and Le Mode.

- Google "Sincura Banksy" for more global press reports as fed by Sincura PR.

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See an example video (BBC's The One Show) below:

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