Product launches by sincura pr

Once you have developed your idea for a product, tested it in the market and determined its readiness to launch, production begins and you are ready to sell. This is where the marketing campaign and launch event should be considered. For a successful product launch, you must get out the word about your product, introduce new and existing clients to it, and entice people to buy it.
The product launch has the following benefits:


A product launch generates attention for your company. People can read about your product through press releases and learn about you. People often click through to your website when reading the story online to learn more about the product; potential customers might read up on your company, especially if it is relatively unknown. This attention can lead to a larger customer base and more sales for both the new product and other of your company's products.


When you launch a new product successfully and it sells well, it can cover the development and launch costs thus generating a profit for your company. If the product is evergreen (something that people will need or use for a long time) the revenue stream that begins with the product launch can be consistent for many years.


If your newly launched product sells well your company can become an industry leader with a reputation for developing industry-changing products and bringing them to market. When consumers or target customers trust your company, your next product launch is likely to sell well initially, based on the success of your previous product and your overall company reputation.


A product launch can generate new partnerships or business relationships. If your company is a start-up, a successful product launch can lead to larger companies making offers to acquire your company. Others might want to invest in your company, based on your new product, or might want to form a business relationship to sell your product to more people in a revenue-sharing model.

Whether it’s a small start-up or an established brand, Sincura PR are perfectly placed to ensure you make the most of your one opportunity to launch your new product, with bespoke packages to fit all requirements and budgets We have been involved with laughing a host products from the worlds of fashion labels to drink brands and we can assist with venue finding, brand placement, In-house design,  staffing your launch event, promotions and targeted marketing. 

sincura pr provide promotions for the ea sport tiger woods golf 


In 1998, EA began publishing their golf games with the endorsement of Tiger Woods. Following the Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf release, subsequent titles were named Tiger Woods PGA Tour and release yearly. In 2011 we were appointed by EA Sports to Launch TigerWoods 2011 a gaming conference in Celtic Manor (home of the previous year's Ryder Cup) to run a promotion campaigns for them.

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