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Welcome to the long tradition of “prize marketing,” which uses incentives prizes to reward people who participate in a giveaway or contest. These strategies have evolved over time and Sincura PR can help you understand what works best.

The purpose of running a giveaway is threefold: to create awareness of your brand; to generate engagement among your target audience; and to gather leads that have a high chance of converting. The prize is the catalyst for this. Using a prize in a giveaway, contest or sweepstake motivates people to participate. This drives many social media marketing efforts, including crowdfunding, in which those who contribute receive something in return besides the product to which they’ve contributed.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach; a few things to think about when Sincura PR create your prizes:


It’s important to prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to entries. The goal is to draw people to your brand who may actually buy your products or services, so you want to attract people who are interested in your services. Consider making your service the prize.


Offering more than one prize might seem like an effective way to attract more entrants to a contest. However, giving away multiple prizes can actually have the opposite effect. According to a report in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, offering more than one of the same prize doesn’t cause participants to perceive their odds of winning as better. The researchers attributed this to consumers being unable to evaluate the value of prizes when there are more than one available.


Seasonally timed prizes are a great way to tie in a promotional theme, as well as attract new users to your Facebook Page. For example, during the first two weeks of February giving away a piece of jewelry or a dinner-for-two giftcard are prize options that are appealing due to their seasonal relevance. Using holidays or well-known festive events as a complement to your chosen prize allows for you to be more creative with how you choose to promote your giveaway.


Sincura Tickets Team have two mission statements, to be able to source any ticket for any event and to beat the market prices. We have been highly successful in doing this; we now supply tickets for 180 hotel concierges, credit card companies and other concierges, plus our corporate and private clients. We are the primary market; officially appointed by the leading venues and events across the globe and wee chosen as the VIP ticket partner for the London Olympics in 2012 and the Rugby World Cup in 2015. We manage the tickets, look after the artists snd produce the events putting us in an enviable position to provide tickets at unbeatable prices.

We can offer Unique event access and tickets, unavailable elsewhere, for use as competition prizes for your brand. These can range from walking the red carpet at film premieres to backstage access at music gigs and festivals. Learn more about Sincura Tickets here.

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Sincura were approached on behalf of Fosters to run a competition for their consumers. We organised: 

fosters festival competition with Sincura PR

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