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The average person is exposed to hundreds if not thousands of commercial messages every day.  TV advertising is of course one of the best-known forms of advertising, and we’ve all seen more TV ads than we can remember. With modern technology allowing you to skip through ads, more and more advertisers rely on embedded marketing, or product placement. This is where product are strategically placed within TV or a film, or within a magazine, media print, or simply at the eye-line at an event. 

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Product placement can be very successful, as shown by the 65% increase in Reese’s Pieces sales after its placement in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, or the 50% increase in Red Stripe sales after its placement in The Firm.  These figures show that product placement can have rather powerful effects on viewers, despite its seeming innocuousness.  In fact, product placements can be more powerful than we realise, making us implicitly prefer products even if we don’t explicitly prefer them.  

You don't have to spend million of pounds to put your product into box-office films, with Sincura PR a clever product campaign can cost you next to nothing, just the price of some of gicing away some free goods. Sincura work with thousands of venues, from museums to members clubs, hotels, to private lounges and can ensure your brand is placed for maximum exposure.

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Example drinks brands we have worked with for product placement include:

- D1 Gin (a gin brand whose bottle was artworks by a world-renowned artist placed in the launch of an art exhibition)

- Kopperberg Cider (a Scandinavian brand placed in the largest Swedish club night in London)

- Fiji Water (for supplying drinks on a sweltering day at Henley Regatta)

- Dooley's creme liqueur (for a Christmas Willy-Wonka themed party at a leading London venue)

- Snow Queen Vodka (for a winter wonderland themed event)

- Conkers Gin (for sending to our gin-drinking members)

- DeBleuchamp champagne (product placement wit Cannes Film Festival and the London Film Festival)

- Newby Gourmet Tea (included in gift-bags at a high profile event)

- Heineken Beer (set up a Heineken bar to release their new silver bottle at a celebrity launch event for a new art museum)

- SunSoul (a natural energy drink placed at Henley Royal Regatta)

sincura pr drinks brands



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Sincura were approached by the Italian consulate and importers of Italian products to showcase their goods to the UK market

See video below from the evening.

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