Welcome to the world of gifting lounges, venues backstage at high profile events, where celebrities are handed gifts, sometimes worth several thousands of pounds, just for showing up. Take That singer Robbie Williams summed up the mood at the lounge in a gilded private room at the London Palladium for Royal Variety Performance. "Everyone's tickled by a freebie, aren't they? I think even Sir Richard Branson would be tickled by a freebie," he said. Robbie who picked up an eclectic medley of products including phone watches, electronic cigarettes and an underwater camera, looked genuinely surprised and a little embarrassed at the amount of swag he was leaving with. "It's really nice, I've never been to one before, not even in the States. My wife was invited up, so I thought, why not?".

The concept, as one might imagine, came from the Hollywood land of plenty, dreamt up as a way of getting companies products endorsed by stars.. But it's not just the stars who appreciate gifting, anyone who has ever been to a party likes to walk away with something, a little keepsake or memento. It is a great way to install brand loyalty and to make someone feel special and thanked. And gifting is a two-way street, there are hundreds of brands looking to get their products in front of client and happy to send gifts in to put inside your bags.

This is where the Sincura Gifting department come in, with access to over 10,000 brands, managers and PR agencies, we can reach out on your behalf to find products for your bags or events. Or if you are a brand we have a monthly events lists (see a recent example here) who we can approach to house your brand in their gift bags.  

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