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 A newsletter is used for building relationships and maintaining regular contact with customers and prospects. Studies by the Content Marketing Institute found that nearly 80% of respondents used newsletters. Research firm Nielsen Norman Group asked respondents how they preferred to receive company updates, and 90 percent cited newsletters, compared to 10 percent for social media.


Newsletters increase awareness and understanding of your company, products and services. Customers and prospects may have a limited perspective of what your company can offer, while newsletters builds a broad picture of your company as a whole. To encourage readers to find out more, include links to more detailed information on your website.


Use your newsletter to demonstrate your expertise and build confidence in your company. Marketing consultancy PR 20/20 notes that newsletter content that provides valuable information to customers and prospects helps to establish a company as an industry leader. To establish leadership, include articles that cover important issues in your market sector or share information on industry research. 


The main use of your newsletter is to promote your services or launch new products. Including information on special offers helps reinforce the effect of your advertising and promotional campaigns, special offers and competitions enhances the value to the newsletter. 


Sending your newsletters at regular intervals helps you maintain contact with your clients base and keeps your company fresh in their mind. If you face a decision-making process that is long and complex, for example, you can use newsletters to communicate with all decision makers throughout the process. If customers buy your products infrequently, you can maintain contact between purchases so you build a strong relationship before the next sales opportunity.


Newsletters can help you increase the coverage of your target audience. By placing information about the newsletter on your website, you can capture contact details of new prospects by asking visitors to subscribe. Issuing newsletters by email to all of your customers and prospects is a low-cost method of communication, leaving more in your market budget for advertising or other promotional activities.




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Sincura have a database of over 115,000 who subscribe to our newsletters (see our media pack here). We send the following dedicated newsletters:

- Diary of the week ahead (sent each Monday)

- Tickets newsletter (sent first Friday of the month)

- Restaurants newsletter (sent second Friday of the month)

- Film club newsletter (sent third Friday of the month)

- Travel Newsletter (sent fourth Friday of the month)

- Members' bible (sent last day of the month)

We have the ability to send standalone emails to our whole database for specific campaigns., we also have a private members' line to send targeted emails to just our members and on further refine these to hit those members who fit your company profile through our behaviour algorithms..

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Our team of experts will help you

- Define your goals. Who are the purpose of your newsletters (such as increase sales, brand awareness., website traffic)?

- Define your audience. Who do you want to reach out to?

Define how you will publish. Will this be a regular schedule, ad-hoc updates, and what form will you use to publish them?

Develop your contact list. How will people sign up and how will you grow your list?

Creating content. Ensuring content is engaging, digestible, and based on your company and audience.

Tracking of your newsletter. Checking who is reading it, open rates, what pages they are viewing.





In 2015 we were approached by Wembley to run an email campaign for the sale of their Club Wembley packages. 

We designed a standalone email, with the Wembley marketing team, which can be seen here. It was created so it didn't appear to be blatant marketing. The email was sent to 80,000 people (our database at the time) with a 35,000 open rate and a 5,000 click-through rate.



Further private emails and telephone calls were made to those members and clients who we knew, from our behaviour algorithms, liked football and would be interested the offer. We brought a number of members in to a private box at an England game, hosted by the Club Wembley team, where they could talk directly to the clients interested. 

The campaign resulted in over 100 serious enquiries and 15 sales of private boxes and season tickets. 

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